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Went from great to  downhill slope

Aug 01, 2010 - 1 comments





multiple jobs



I haven't had a job yet in my life, I've applied all over like crazy, then this weekend life started looking up, I was hired to a job, I haven't started yet but I was hired, then the night of hearing that I heard I have another job offer that I'm garunteed to get if I want it. To top it all off I just got a phone call from Best Buy, I've been wanting to work there for a long time.

Here's my dilemma:
Job 1 I don't trust the company very much
Job 2 is working at my church I already do volunteer work, it'd be a safe choice.
Job 3 it's what I've wanted for a long long time to get experience for my field but the pay is potentially worse than both of the other choices.

It would sound like a no brainer to go with job 2 but at the same time I'm still pulled to them all...
It's driving me nutz, I know anyone who hasn't been able to find work would love to be in my situation, and I for one love that I have work offered to me but having to decide is killing me.

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by June16, Aug 25, 2010
Go with whatever seems best. Good luck.

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