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missed and reduced med (AGAIN)

Aug 02, 2010 - 0 comments

missed meds











so missed the lamictal pill last night (sunday night) so will take 2 tonight (monday) didn't want to take them this morning in case I fell asleep, which I did after lunch anyway - convincing S we needed a nap on the couch!!

Had psych appt - we will drop another 37.5 mg, but we are starting to hit the $h!t end of the withdrawal spectrum, where the dizziness and brain buzzing is going to kick NOT looking forward to that. Apparently Lamictal takes care of depression but doesn't dampen the highs (bring them on!) but effexor can push my mood up into a high when it might otherwise not have gone there!

Psychotherapy tomorrow - where I am probably going ot have a little bit of a go at my psychologist...just a few hard questions? WHY does the charge/energy of anger HAVE to be dissipated through violence? example of a few months ago when RG majorly pissed me off and it actually was a good thing - the energy is there to right the wrong (perceived or otherwise) so why not use it for good? when is turning it inward a bad thing?

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