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Jan 04, 2017 - 3 comments

other things that happened today:

i found a (large) dead roach by my bed on the floor.  since i traded mattresses and am sleeping on CJ's old mattress (bc mine was so bad ... and when i talked to Tama about it she felt really bad so i dropped it; Roberta said if i got the guys phone no that sold me the mattress she would talk to him ...), my bed is on the floor.  i think Lauren had a frame but it was real rickety.  and i needed more support not something shaky.  so we put it on the floor, actually there was a wood board with it (thin) so we put that down too.

and i was eating in here again though i vowed not to about 4 weeks ago, maybe less ... and i ate junk food, which makes crumbs ... and so i said to myself last night, tomorrow i will get that little vacuum and move the bed and vacuum all around it.

but when i went to do that i found the roach!  

it was on the floor right near the head of my bed.

of course i freaked out as usual.  no one was inside.  so i got rid of it and then vacuumed really well.  and i went outside and found Roberta and she suggested i spray Raid around the baseboards near the bed and i did that too.

so we'll see who dies first, the roaches or me.  loll


class went pretty well tonight.  its still vacay so i only had 3, but that's fine.  i like that!  and Byrne said we will have class tomorrow night.  he likes me a lot.  i wish he would have stuck to his word which was we wouldn't hold class unless there were 4 ppl who wanted to come .... but he didn't.  and i need the work.

i was going to sleep on the couch tonight in the living room but after i vac'd and sprayed i thought i guess ill sleep in here.  its pretty bad though ... ugh.

  this morning i didn't feel bad when i woke up ... almost good!  and i wrote and got some stuff i really really liked for the first time in a long time ... so i was very stoked.  

i got the new books for my new night class (my level 2 is moving up to level 3).

i worked out, just a 45 min cardio bc my body felt tired.

i finally picked up my contact lenses just in time bc i was really starting to have trouble driving with my glasses, esp at night.

ok i think thats it.  there was something else i think but i forgot.

ok laters!

love you mh

hope y'all is good



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1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Jan 04, 2017
ps oh yeah i remember.  that guy i met at the party (Ivy) texted me, but i was not impressed.  and he waited over a day to reply ...


317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Jan 08, 2017
Hi one dead roach isn't bad, it could have been in the bed and fell out.
I wouldn't share anything with R.
She doesn't seem right in the head LOL
I hope your shoulder is feeling better.
I had frozen shoulder one, it was awful.
If you need exercises, let me know.
We are watching Elvis in concert, gosh he was so hot in his white leather.

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Jan 08, 2017
If i tried to move my pelvis like Elvis i would be in traction for a week!!!

We dont have roaches here but they look nasty.

We have been below zero here for about a week.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 20's and snow.  Then we are headed right back to below zero again.  I hate winter!!

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