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trialling T3 meds and my face looks nicer!

Aug 07, 2010 - 0 comments












well, I've been trialling the T3 meds since 27th July. So that's a week and a half. we went to Spain for 5 days so I was out of my routine, in a beautiful place, relaxing, lots of sunshine and rest, so I've no idea whether the medication was anything to do with how much better I felt then. Then when we got back my period started and that always makes me a bit tired and fuzzy round the edges so I still don't really know what effect the meds are having....but...period aside, I do believe I've been feeling better on the whole.

Since the start of this I've been taking photos of myself with my phone to see what I look  like and keep a record (yes I know it's a bit of a nutty thing to do but it is really interesting to see the differences over time!). I took a photo today and even though I actually feel tired again today (with my period) - my face looks A LOT better. Well I thnk it does. My eyes look a hundred times brighter and more alert! Looking back at 6 months of photos now I'm kind of shocked I have been looking so rough. And actually a bit surprised I was sent back to work looking such a wreck!

Fingers crossed, T3 meds seems like perhaps it really will make a difference for me....

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