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heres a list of good sites

Jan 03, 2008 - 2 comments

Here are some web sites I thought might help someone.....
these were a great help, although a little  slow ,  the how to recover section is very helpful
program is a little expensive but I credit this with most of my "recovery"
tons of goods info..especially the symptoms link
good reading and info to help understand some of why you feel like you do
this is kalmkidds site
lots of good info
sbarletts ( a member here) relaxation video

Hope these help...if some of you have others please send em & I'll add em to the list...God Bless

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by dodie999, Jan 10, 2008
Thank you, friend;

It is so refreshing to know that we are not alone in the panic.

My our Good Lord Bless you and yours


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by hstitan, Feb 15, 2008
If you want free doctor-level information, try

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