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Day 3 clean

Aug 09, 2010 - 3 comments

Day 3







I am so happy that I finally made the decision to quit, not only for myself but also my daughter. I need to be there for her and my family. I am feeling pretty good today but last night my hip hurt so bad I had trouble sleeping. Finally got about 4 hours and of course woke up in a sweat! My hip didn't hurt this morning so hopefully as long as it doesn't hurt tonight, I should be ok. Hopefully!!!!

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by LMB01, Aug 09, 2010
Having kicked pills a few times, the hardest for me personally is the first 72 hours. I am on day 3 as well, so I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!! Can we do this together, please? Did you quit CT?

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by shiningstar500, Aug 09, 2010
Thank you for your support! I appreciate it and hopefully we can keep in touch during this. I have been on here pretty much every day reading and learning about other addicts.

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by lifewithoutcoke, Aug 10, 2010
Congrats on you decision and three days clean :) We are all here in this together and this forum has been such a great support system and outlet for me. I hope it will be for you too! I'm on day 6...1 more day to 1 week :) and even though we might crave different substances, in the end addiction is addiction and it stinks all the same :)

Stay strong and positive:) I'm so proud of you!!

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