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Anxious Me.

Oct 12, 2007 - 0 comments


Well, I'm very anxious I don't know why, but I am... I was just sitting here listening to music && I thought wow the volume level sounds uneven &&& then all of a sudden I decided to take a drink && it was like I couldn't feel it in my mouth , but I felt it running down my throaht and it felt all weird, and then... My hands got sweaty && I was like **** and I just blinked and tried to ignore it .. but it's hard.. really it is... Maybe it's because I drink so much caffine and it causes me to tweak out.. Maybe.. dude I think I'm going to stop drinking caffine and start drinking water juices and gadorades and see if that helps me out any... Im just trying to make myself better && figure out if I have anxiety or PTSD I'm so confused... Thats' all for now.. basically I'm waiting for Brandon to get off work && come home and kiss me... Maybe that will make me feel better whenever we were with eachother every day I felt so... secure and occupied that I didn't think about freaking out at all... Nuts... well I'm gunna... update some other stuff on this site because I'm new..

Manna : ) <33

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