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Some times we feel all alone?  

Aug 10, 2010 - 1 comments








It's amazing how things can be going to wonderful, life is good, things look wonderful, then in a couple of days seems like we are all alone, we feel we don't even have JESUS beside us.  I know the Bible tells us, and JESUS said HE would never leave us, or forsake us. I belive this to be true, it is us, that let's the world and the enemy sneak in. He seeks to steal kill and destroy, and satan is the great liar.
Right now I have felt so alone, that I don't even have JESUS with me. I know that HE is standing right beside me, HE has my hand. For some reason, the enemy can get into our head and his lies tells us we are all alone, and if JESUS loved us so much why would we be alone?..All I can say is "satan you were defeated 2000 yrs ago when my LORD and SAVIOR went to the cross, and shed HIS blood for me.
  When we have a season like this, I got some very good advice from a very dear friend, she told me to praise my way out of this feeling. Wow what great advice, for the last 3 days I have felt like garbage, and she told me that. Last night I started to listen to praise music,(which I usually do everyday)..and I have noticed when I get feeling like this I am not listening to praise music like I usually do. Anyways started listening to praise music and started praying, more like crying out to a pretty good nights sleep, for me up this morning started listening to praise music, praying and the feeling is lifting, I know that I am a powerful child of the most high GOD, I am a king a priest in the most royal family...PRAISE GOD....HALLELUJAH...I LOVE YOU JESUS...I love all of you here at MH..I pray maybe this will give someone some encouragement..Knowing that JESUS will never leave us or forsake us...God Bless all...brian

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by dominosarah, Aug 10, 2010
Addiction is like this also.  We have good days and all of a sudden bam....the demons come back and start raising holy heck in our heads.  I think we get lazy and forget what keeps us grounded.  

I am glad you are feeling better Jolly and this DID give me some encouragement!!!  Turn up that music!!!

hugs to you, your poet, sara

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