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MC number 4

Aug 10, 2010 - 9 comments

So the Dr.'s office finally called me back yesterday evening and the nurse would not tell me my numbers she just said they are not where they should be. I said so I had a m/c and she said we can not say for sure yet because your numbers are dropping then rising. I go again for another hcg check on Monday them the Dr.s office the next day. They will decide if I need a D&C since I still have all the symptoms, and the last time I was checked my cervix was still closed. I also have never passed any clots or tissue and only bled for one full day and spotted off and on for another 12 or 13 days. Since Saturday everything has completely stopped, no more spotting or discharge of any kind. I broke down last night, and cried myself to sleep, but I knew deep down it was coming. The day I first started bleeding I had already prepared myself. Of course there is part of my heart that is gone right now, but it has gotten easier for me. I am not waiting any time and I am just going to keep on trying!!!!! Thanks Ladies for all your support through this dreadful time, if it was not for you Ladies  don't know how I would cope!!!!

Hugs to you all!!! XXXX

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by stephkep, Aug 10, 2010
I'm so sorry to hear your fears came true.  You're in my thoughts and I hope for better luck next time.  Hopefully your Dr. will get more aggressive with things so you can have a positive out come.  Good Luck!

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by xx_Louise_xx, Aug 10, 2010
Im sooo sorry, you really dont deserve this. But what will be, will be! You just gotta stay strong and keep the faith that u will concieve a super sticky bean soon!! Stay strong babe....thinking of u! (Hugs) x

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by k10road, Aug 10, 2010
Michelle, I'm so sorry.  I don't know why in the world this keeps happening to you, but it is so unfair.  Sometimes the universe deals us such horrible cards.  I don't get it.  I'm glad you are staying positive, and get right back to trying.  I was recently told that a report just came out that says that we no longer have to wait after a miscarriage to start trying again.

You can find this information in multiple places.  I just pulled up the first one when googling it.  So, that's good news!  I will keep praying that God blesses you with a baby.  I know how badly you want one.  Keep your head up.  XOXOX

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by Heathermommytobe, Aug 10, 2010
I'm so sorry to hear that you are m/cing again and i pray that God will heal your body and heart. Pray that you will have the baby you want and deserve.


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by butterflybabies, Aug 10, 2010
Im so sorry sweety! I know how awful it is..I cant believe we all got bad news..wth is going on with this month?? Such bad news from everywhere I look..hang in there and know Im here for you if you need anything..and my heart aches with you!
Sending you big hugs,

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by dscoqn, Aug 10, 2010
Oh hunnie, I'm so sorry!  I really had my hopes up that you were going to give us good news.  I can't believe all 3 of us have had such bad luck this month - I was hoping at least one of us would come out ok.  I am thinking of you and sending lots of cyber hugs xxx

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by DaylightDancer, Aug 10, 2010
This is heartbreaking. If it indeed is a m/c I hope it is over quickly and with minimal pain. I'm here if you need to talk... I just can't believe this has happened again to all of us (I just was lucky mine only lasted 2 days this time). Sending you hugs and letting you know you are in my thoughts and prayers! One month soon this will change for us, I know it.

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by Tiffiepooh, Aug 11, 2010
Hey girl I am so sorry that all this is happening to you again. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. I hope that your doctor will be more I guess determined the next time you get a positive. I hope and pray that when you are healed enough you will get back on the TTC wagon and get a BFP and a happy healthy pregnancy. I am so sorry and I have no idea how bad you feel. But I know you are hurting and I am sending lots of hugs and warm thoughts and prayers your way. God Bless you and your family.

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by S2609, Aug 14, 2010
I'm so sorry I only saw you're going through such a hard time now. You're in my thoughts girl and I wish that you recover from this quickly and get your little bean very quickly. Feel better soon Hun! big hugs!!!!

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