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Aug 10, 2010 - 5 comments

So today was my weekly appt anddd i'm 1cm dilated!! It's not much but hey i'm getting somewhere lol. The baby is still high which shocked me a little because i figured with all the running to the restroom i've been doing he dropped, apparently not. The doc was able to feel his head though (now that hurt!!). i just left the potty and when i wiped there was blood dark pink and a little clot... The doctor did just check me and the baby is moving.. Nowwww i'm freaking out lol. I'm not having contractions but i'm thinking its from the check she just did? I'm about to call in a few and monitor it. Now i'm thrown off my journal lol. Oh! My doctor asked me if i wanted my membranes stripped next appt (my 39 week appt). I read about it but still a little confused. It seems painful and i'm wondering what are some of your experiences? I'm on a cleaning kick now though soo need to get back to it lol

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419158 tn?1316571604
by blueeyedtabbycat, Aug 10, 2010
progress!!! I had the membranes stripped with all 4 of my pregnancies. It is very uncomfortable if they do it right. Most times they have to really dig to reach your cervix (unless your lucky enought to have your cervix low or a doctor with long fingers, lol) but anyways they do an exam and use their finders to go around your cervix seperating your bag of water from it.  Generally you go into labor within 12-48 hours. It only worked the first time with 3 of the 4 pregnancies with me within 48 hours. With number 3 they did it twice before it worked a week apart. But it will only work if your body and baby are ready:~)

419158 tn?1316571604
by blueeyedtabbycat, Aug 10, 2010
sorry just realized how bad my spelling was!

933846 tn?1353452448
by Ready_4_Baby_2, Aug 10, 2010
Yeah! Sounds like you are right around the corner.

1173196 tn?1292916490
by KarenDiane, Aug 10, 2010
Wow, great news! The blood is probably from your exam. I had my membranes stripped with 1 of my kids but it didn't do anything. I imagine I'd do it this time if they offered but more out of desperation than believing that it will do the trick.

1150389 tn?1295559187
by TRENIECE, Aug 10, 2010
Thanks tabby!! That was an simple explanation vs what i was reading. I hope this works buttt i don't want to go into labor at work now that will suck since my last day isnt until next friday, super excited! @karen- that is my fear that i'll go through it and it wont even work. I'm hoping something changes between now and monday so it'll be natural. Also! The spotting did stop so i'm thinking it was just irritation.

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