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Please Help.

Jan 15, 2017 - 0 comments

For the past two months now, I've been to hospitals (Bassett Health) and Doctors. It started with Chest Pains, More like discomfort. When I was up moving around I felt like someone was putting rocks on the left side of my chest.I ignored it, I work on a farm so I thought maybe it was from lifting and doing heavy extensive things it was Just a lot of pressure. When I sat Down it starts to go away. It came with a heavy Pounding. That I could feel in my neck, back of my head and in my hands and stomach. I started to lose feelings in my arms and, they would go numb, tingle and sometimes turn purple. I don't get hungry or feel the need to eat. I want to eat, but I don't have the urge. You need food for energy to survive so I ate. Then I wasn't using the bathroom. Over the occurance of 3 months, Its been the Runs, and the runs stopped and I no longer felt the urge to use the bathroom. I'm on my 17th day not using the bathroom. I've drank 4 gallons of prune juice, been taking colace,Milk Of magnesia, Miralax everyday and When all of those didn't work my doctor said Take magnesium Citrate and when The first bottle didn't work, He had told me to do a second Bottle. That didn't work either. Then told me to stop taking them all together. Over more time, With all of these included I started Getting severe head pains, Dizziness and Throwing up Brown Chunks. With the Numbness in most areas, Blurred Vision that Came and go, plus exsessive weight lost. I was 279 pounds now 203 I'm 19 and 5'9. Now, I go to the doctors and I point out the weight loss and they tell me I haven't lossed any weight so I'll bring papers with me to show the weight loss over a 3 month period. I'll have constant nosebleeds that won't stop in front of the doctor and he just shrugs it off, it wasn't till He felt hard Lumps in my stomach that he reffered Me to a gastroligist. He said the a 90 over 56 heart rate didn't concern him, it was healthy for a 19 year old girl.  I went to the the hospital yesterday,( I have medicade) and My heart rate was 137 over 98, they again told me that was normal for my age. I went In and I could barley walk I'm still having high difficulty keeping balance. The doctor came in and said that there were "more important people he had to attend to, so I'd better make this quick" I told him what was going on and he shrugged. He said it simply sounds like I'm depressed. Meanwhile I have blood pouring out of my nose. He said he was discharging me without even being there for 20 plus minutes. Then I explained to him, I need to figure out a way home, I think I can take Medicade transport. His response was a laugh and "My tax payer dollars go for people like you who " Need rides Home" and come here to the ER when they aren't having a heart attack or any of the sort, Hope you feel better"  

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