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Somato-Sensorial Evoked Potentials

Aug 13, 2010 - 1 comments

This week I had all four of my evoked potentials done.  Visual, Brainstem and upper and lower Sensorial as well.

The two techs and I had struck up a good rapport and had been laughing and making jokes throughout the day.  

Then they came to the lower Somato-Sensorial part.  They had a lot of difficulty provoking an electrical response in my left leg.  They eventually found it although the response was small.  They had to hold the probe firmly to my ankle because it was difficult to get a reading.

Then we got to the right foot.  The tech placed the electrical thing on different parts of my ankle with no response.  She kept moving it expecting to get a response.  Nothing.  They both stood up and moved things around, still nothing moved.  They were whispering by this time.  The tech asked the other to increase the voltage/signal.  The other said “I already have it at max, I can’t go any higher”.  

It just felt like everything changed.  The brevity/mood of the day left and everyone was so serious, it was like someone sucked the air out of the room.  They worked on this for 10 minutes or more.  Eventually they found a spot they could elicit a tiny signal from if they squeezed my ankle as hard as they could.  The tech said OK there is something happening.  I felt a tiny tickle in the sole of my foot.  But I couldn’t feel the electric signal, and I couldn’t see the movement.  My leg began to clonus while they were trying to finish the test.

I closed my eyes and tears came down.  I had this horrible sinking feeling that maybe I don’t have MS, maybe it’s ALS.  Of course it’s not ALS.  I was so scared.  

I knew I didn’t have much feeling left in my feet but never really faced it like this.  I just don’t remember going so numb.   I don’t remember what it is supposed to feel like.  

MS became more real to me that day and it was terrifying.  I feel like my progression is aggressive and I am really scared.  I don’t know what to do.

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by suzsibs, Aug 14, 2010
Sorry you had an experience that was so upsetting for you, I can offer no advice to you but wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you and send a big hug.

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