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depression/adult ADD/ possible anxiety

Aug 15, 2008 - 1 comments

I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with depression and initally put on Prozac.  I now take Wellbutrin.  I've also taken Zoloft in between the Prozac and Wellbutrin.
I was recently diagnosed with adult ADD (earlier this year)and am on Ritalin.  I was thinking maybe I had a mood disorder about a month ago and was put on Lithium.  BAD idea!  I hit bottom again (depression) while taking that.  Only took it for a couple days and dr. said to stop. I'm now thinking that I may have some sort of anxiety problem.  I've always had a bit of social anxiety (nervousness, sweaty palms, butterflies in my stomach)although not diagnosed with that.  Lately, I feel that I'm wanting to do less and less things were there is socialization and when I do go somewhere it's not long before I want to go back home.  I almost always feel like people are staring at me and talking (or at least thinking) badly about me.  I tend to get lightheaded at times.  When I'm out shopping for groceries or anything else - I sometimes end up with this overwhelming need to get out of where I'm at and/or an overwhelming need to go home.  I even felt like that at the drive-in a few weeks ago.  I was fine for the first movie (which wasn't even the one I really wanted to see).  Then after about 10 minutes into the movie I wanted to see I got a feeling like I needed to get out of there - I ended up getting out of the truck and then crawled into the back seat and laid down and fell asleep.  I didn't want to leave because my son really wanted to see the 2nd movie and we don't go out much.  One of my favorite things to do is go for a drive in the truck/car (with my husband driving) and just talk or listen to music.  While we still do this - it's become something we HAVE to do when he comes home from work because I feel the NEED to get out of the house.  I am getting to the point I don't enjoy it like before because of getting the feelings I get (needing to get out of the house).  I usually don't have anywhere I really need to go but I have this horrible restlessness and can't just sit/lay there anymore.  Some of the other things I experience at times are: nightmares (I don't usually recall them other then to know they were scary), problems concentrating and focusing, problems remembering things (ie. I may be having a conversation with my husband and in addition to going off topic alot, I also have trouble remembering what I really wanted to say and if there is even a short break in my concentration I tend to forget what I was even talking about at all.  Sometimes I feel kinda jittery and my hands shake (a little bit) but I was assuming that was from bad nerves which my mother had.  She also had depression issues and problems with schizophrenia.  Now I'm not sure if it's nerves or if that put together with my other symptoms is actually some sort of anxiety problem (attacks)??  Sometimes my heart beats so hard that I feel it's pounding - this only happens when I'm very stressed.  Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy or something or like I'm just going to explode.  I worry constantly about everything - I've always been a worrier like my mom but it seems to be worse now.  My worrying sometimes keeps me up late at night or I wake frequently (was checked for sleep apnea and nothing).  Sometimes when I have these times (anxiety attacks maybe) I get all sweaty and my mouth gets even more dry then normal.  I get tense alot and sometimes so much that I end up with a migraine/tension headache.  I also have mood swings at times and also have problems with being irritable.  I've been hestitating telling my doctor because I'm afraid to mess with my meds (even more so since the lithium problem).  I would appreciate any comments/ideas.  Thank you for your time.        

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by mike399, Sep 14, 2008
i was diagnosed about  4 years ago with depression and manic bi polar disorder. ive been to a handfull of therapists and psychologists. i am twenty now, i have had the same feelings youve described, i was taking prozac, and was switched to zoloft. i still feel anxious sometimes and i had felt the same way you described. im only twenty, and i never used to feel this way. sometimes i think about things way too much, or i get lost in my head. when i was taking it, it was real bad- i would practically lose control of my nerves in public. my head and hands would shake and i felt weak, nervous, and tense and i sweated a lot. when i was around my friends i wouldnt talk nearly as much as i usually would. now, since ive stopped taking the zoloft, i havent felt as anxious as i was while i was taking it oddly enough. i still feel the social anxiety a bit though, but im just trying to keep my mind on other things when i feel it start coming on, i breathe deeply too (ive noticed i get short of breath when i get an anxiety attack). maybe you should try cutting your dosage of the wellbutrin in half and see if you feel better. or just completely stop taking it like i did. good luck! i hope it works for you

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