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Autologous blood donation

Aug 15, 2008 - 0 comments

blood donation





Well, just another small bump in the road here.  Read info from the surgeon's office about donating my own blood for my surgery.  I did it before when I had the Ross.  I called the phone number of the coordinator for autologous donations.  She told me since I wouldnt be coming in until Friday for the preop and since the surg. is on Monday, that there is not enough time for me to donate my own blood.  She said if I wanted to come on Thursday I could donate, but Balt. is 2.5 hr drive and I have to be there Friday...don't want to go Thurs and Fri. KWIM?  She didnt give me a definite answer yes or no, but said she would call later after she talked to someone higher up.  That person called me later in the day and said the same thing.  That person treated me like I am 2 years old because I couldnt make out what she was saying on the phone (I have severe tinnitus). "Can you put your husband on the phone", no ******* I can't because I'm the one being operated on not him, just slow down and try not to talk like a chipmunk and maybe I'll be able to understand you.  That's what I was thinking but I didnt say it.  Anyway, I called the surgery coordinator who told me its ok to call her anytime with any question. So I thought this qualified. I asked her about the autologous process and she told me I can go to my local hospital and donate and have it flown to Hopkins.  I told her not one person told me that.  I called the blood person back (chippie) and she told me that the surgery person was incorrect!!!  Having enough at this point, I asked the patient advocate if she could help. She said she would like to run it by her supervisor, who will be in on Monday, but  she's pretty sure you can go to any Red Cross and donate your own blood for your own surgery.  She will get back to me on Monday for sure.  So there you have it a little bump.

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