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This is the end

Aug 16, 2008 - 1 comments



the end


hep c



No not the end, It's  just the beginning of life without hep c. I have done 23 and a halve weeks. I feel good.
but a bit nervous about stopping. It's like, now what? I will say it's wasn't nearly as bad as everyone said it would be.
The worst part was for my wife. She had to put up with some bad moods. I felt often lite headed. Watch out for feeling sorry  for yourself. When I fought it  I found i could do a lot.  Nobody new or they couldn't believe I was going on this treatment. I have three small kids at home and they don't care. Just make sure you eat and sleep real good, or you will
pay for it for days after. This is very very very important. I'll try to write some more later. Got to get the kids.

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by bigdude, Nov 06, 2008
Wow nobody reads this stuff. Oh well.

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