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What could this hip pain be??

Aug 16, 2008 - 3 comments



hip pain




unknown pain


severe hip pain


sharp pain

I'm so tired of Doctors sending me back home without helping me or giving me an answer besides "I don't know". So I'm hoping to get somewhere by posting my problem here. I'm hoping someone here can help.

So I've been having what seems to me like hip pain for over a year now. When i get up, or sit down, or move, or bend, or walk, I experience this pain. It feels so sharp and occurs mostly in my right hip and occasionally, but not so much, I get the pain in my left hip. The pain is so sharp and high-scaled that I feel like I will fall and break a bone! I practically hop around to try to keep the pressure off of my hip(s). Sometimes I stay still hoping for the pain to subsides but it lingers and the pressure of the pain makes me feel more weak like I cant stand still much longer. A few times I have collapsed to the floor but caught myself bent over, hands touching the floor, trying to prevent something worse from happening. Even when I sit though, I can feel the pressure of the pain...
I've been to the hospitals many times for this but no luck with pinning a name to this problem. I have noticed that my bones "pop" a lot more since this has been going on. But when/if my hip "pops" it does not make the pain go away. If I lie down flat on my back it hurts so bad to get up because of my hip. So I sleep propped up... It was really bad during my pregnancy. I delivered my daughter july 3rd 2008 and since then have still been having the problem. I have recently visited a doctor but still no luck...

I'm so scared because I fear it is something bad or could get worse with time...The doctors only do x-rays and nothing else because they show that everything is normal....
Someone please give me some insight. Thank u.

By the way I am 23 year old African American female if that matters at all.

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by Koalapupunen, Oct 27, 2008
Hi! I just got online to search for the same answers as you have... I've previously had really short episodes of this sharp pain, but today it has continued throughout the day. It goes away, leaves the hip with numb pain, and then for some reason (standing straight up, taking a step forward, etc..., anything!) the sharp pain comes again. I'm 28 years old.

I found this online:
and some exercises linked to from that site.
I'm not sure if this will help out, but when I read more about my symptoms, the more I came to the conclusion that it sounds like this is sciatica: sitting a lot in front of the computer/with bad posture, sleeping in certain positions, etc. I'm going to try out these exercises and some walking (I have to admit, lately I haven't done anything that has to do with exercising!), and see if it improves. I hope your condition is similar--if it is, then hopefully these simple exercises can bring some help, instead of having to go through surgeries or endure the doctors who don't know what is going on.

Good luck!

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by Joemat21, Feb 20, 2009
After reading articles of similar symptoms, I'm more confused then ever.  I too, am experiencing an excruciating pain in my hip area.  Brief chronology; I'm an active weight trainer who performs leg exercises once a week, and was running approx 25 miles a week. Currently, I have this pain in my hip that appears to be worse when I’m standing still.  The pain is like someone stuck a knife in my hip, and continuously plays with the knife.  I have no pain when walking, or even running.  I know I can run several miles, without any pain.  

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by quki, Dec 21, 2011
i am a 38  Hispanic female. i have had left hip/lower back pain for 10 years now. i am also tired of going to the dr and they find nothing. i had xrays, mri's and am having a second mri jan 2012. (i did go to a dr. in 2001 and had xray done. he was a friend of my dads and he told me i had a mild case of spina bifida)  my hip gets worse with jolting or moving around, motorcycle riding, horse back riding, walking.  i was rear ended last week and the next day i was in bed all day.washing the dishes for more than 10 minutes is painful.sitting flat on toilet is painful. i always sit with my left leg over my right or crossed legged.  i have gained 40 lbs. i wake up in the morning with my left side asleep or colder than my right. i feel like drs. think i am crazy. i bring up the spina bifida story and they disregard it. i am starting to feel crazy. i know i feel a burning pinching pain above my left buttock left to my tail bone. the pain travels down my leg- but not as bad. more of a shooting pain. i sleep with a pillow or two between my legs. i have noticed i am starting to drag my left leg more and am not as aware of my space- always bumping into things. am i going crazy or could the hip ache only be part of the story? please help.
also, ibuprofen hardly helps.

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