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It's been a bad day

Aug 17, 2010 - 0 comments

Well the title says it all really, it's been a bad day. I'm already off kilter awaiting a chance to test (acuratly) about my possible pregnancy, plus I'm having the overly emotional issues during early pregnancy when my mother decides to give me a good "what for" about how I'm behaving. She is belittling me, calling me stupid, immature, etc. I have a pet rabbit, she is constantly threatening to put an add on kijiji (like craigslist) and give him away to a family "that actually cares about him" because I apparently don't give a crap about him.
This rabbit is 4 going on 5 years old, he has been attacked by a raccoon when he was younger and can't see out of one of his eyes due to a cataract inflicted post raccoon attack. I have spent so much time energy and money on this little ball of fluff he feels like he is my first child. I always make sure he has enough food, water, litter is clean etc so he is healthy. I baby him like I would my own child. He gets treats nearly all the time, he is a spoiled brat really. Yet I apparently don't take care of him.
She also has basically dangled all possibility of getting out of this situation (it's nearing on abusive) right infront of my face. That I'm not working enough to pay rent somewhere, that my boyfriend's parents probably wouldn't want "another deadbeat" living in their house, that if I were to move in with my father I coudln't take the rabbit, basically that no matter what I do, I'd have to get rid of him because there is no other option.
Ugh, I should have just stayed in bed....

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