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The birth story!

Aug 17, 2010 - 4 comments

Hey all!!! First off i want to thank everyone for their comments! Being a mom is awesome! I never thought i would get so much joy out of it and btw all nerves flew out the window the first time i held him! I am going to say i'm a lil exhausted (just a lil') but it's worth it.  So to pick up after my last journal my water broke at 12:45am while i was sleeping. I actually woke up to go to the restroom then i felt this horrible cramp and fluid came out! The whole day i was feeling like c-r-a-p! I was having bad BH contractions, nausea, and severe back pains. I didn't do anything special that day but when i came home i started cleaning my house, took a shower, and hit the sack around 1145-12. Once my water broke i started bleeding and lost the remainder of my plug. I ended up at the hospital where they checked to make sure it was fluid then i was admitted and taken to my room. I was only 1_2cm dilated at this time but was having bad contractions. The doctors decided to do different methods to induce labor even though i was so against it from the beginning but since my water broke they didn't want to risk infection. They put me on oxycotin and inserted a pill vaginally to help me contract. I ended up getting an epidural at 10am which had me in tears! The doctor put it into my back incorrectly and ouch! By this time i was at the hospital for over 8hrs without any sleep! The doctor checked me again around 1pm and i was 4cm so they kept increasing the medication BUT the baby's heartrate started to get a dip here and there so they lowered it again. Around 4pm (still no sleep) i hit 8cm and Chandler's heartrate was still fluctuating so they put me on oxygen. Finaallyy around 445 my doctor came in and told me i was 10cm! My mom, and 2bff were so excited.  I was also texting the whole time i was in labor since i wasn't getting any sleep lol. Around 5:00 my bp went up and i started getting a fever which raised flags! I was still on oxygen at this time also and concerned about my child. I started pushing at 516 while looking in a mirror and Chandler Christopher Ashley was born at 525. I was in labor for over 16 hrs with an 9 min delivery lol. I bawled like a baby when i saw him! My mom cut the umbilical cord and when i got to hold him i fell in love! He is now 5 days old and i'm in love more and more each day. I am exclusively breastfeeding now and i got pictures of him smiling already! It was a gassy smile but i'll take it. I am so happy right now ladies!

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296076 tn?1371334474
by melimeli, Aug 17, 2010
congrats he really is a good looking baby! Enjoy every minute it goes so fast!

1173196 tn?1292916490
by KarenDiane, Aug 17, 2010
Awww... he's beautiful! Sounds like you were exhausted by the time Chandler made his debut. I'm glad you are doing well with the breastfeeding. I'm a bit nervous about that myself.

1150389 tn?1295559187
by TRENIECE, Aug 18, 2010
@MELIMELI- thanks! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous also! @karen- i didn't get any sleep until the next day and that still wasn't enough because i did not want him out of my sight! I'm still feeling a little insecure about breastfeeding, not as much as i was at first but i wonder if i'm doing it right.

933846 tn?1353452448
by Ready_4_Baby_2, Aug 18, 2010
Ahh thats a beautiful story! Had me in tears at the end. Its the best thing to have a baby and glad that you are breastfeeding. I love that bond. He's a cutie!

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