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Aug 19, 2010 - 4 comments

So i worked myself up and by time i got there i was shaking like a leaf!
i had a word with nurse there who was surprised as she told me my Haemagaglobin level was 15.0! which is fab, i was really surprised considering my nausea etc over the last 8 weeks.
by the time i had to go in for the scan i was a mess, the sonographer was lovely and after asking me my history immediatly found babys heartbeat like within the first 5 seconds! she showed me and there was my baby jumping around, stretching his legs and swollowing and with his hand on his brow like he was saying phew! too LOL i say he as its easier than he/she by the way!
so she was measuring baby and i just burst into tears and began to sob, she was so good and showed me the babys head and facial features, she showed the fluids going in and out of the placenta! too it was amazing and the baby didn't stop moving for the whole scan! the sonographer was so good she tearfully gave me my pictures for free! she was soo touched.
i had to wait for my notes and sat in the waiting room and had to explain to a couple sat opposite me why i was crying, and that sent the lady crying too!
i was so relieved but dazed i then put my money in the ticket slot when trying to pay for my car parking and got the machine stuck and had to get help....i don't know how i managed to drive home but girls.................

.........................I'M HAVING A BABY ..........................


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by angelsrejoice, Aug 19, 2010
Yay! So happy that all is well. What a relief huh? I saw the pics and they are so wonderful! What beautiful, clear pictures you got! Such a cutie you got in there!! Blessings - Natalie

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by tones99, Aug 19, 2010
Hey .. I don't know you but just happened to read your post and you had me in tears!  I love how you described the relief.. congrats to you, it sounds like you well and truly deserve this joy x

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by rbohl01, Aug 20, 2010
I am so happy for you sweetie!!!! This is such great news. My baby should be measuring 11 weeks exactly today. Our due dates our so close!!! I know what you mean about the tears too. When they found the babies heartbeat on the dopplar the other day I about lost it. i think its a mixture of relief and complete happiness =) Congrats to you!!!

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by Amanda999, Aug 24, 2010
I'm happy for you hun, glad everything went good for you x

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