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Finally some answers?

Aug 19, 2010 - 0 comments

  Today didn't start well physically or news-wise.  My gp called and cancelled our appt for tomorrow morning as she had a funeral to go to (hope it wasn't one of her patients).  Rescheduled for 8 am Monday morning.  Next week the kids start school again and husband will be out of town on business trip so it's going to be busy and stressful.
  Called the neurologist to see when I would get MRI (spinal) results I had earlier this week.  Nurse called back and said radiologist had given the neurologist a verbal but still no formal report. Also still waiting for head MRI comparison results neurologist wanted to have done (all head MRI's compared from early 1990's til now).  Nurse said doctor confident he will have all in hand by Monday morning so we schedule appt for 9am.  Both gp and neuologist in same building so going from one to other will be easy. Maybe I can get husband on speaker phone so he can particpate in conversation?
  Not sure how I feel about my gp as she is new to me.  Hadn't been happy with gp I saw last year for annual and just felt I needed to change.  This one seems a bit overworked and looking in areas that don't make a lot of sense to me.  Since I have multiple medical issues going on she is looking at ones she thinks is non neurologically related.  So far she has done CT of pelvic area, sonogram, and colonoscopy with all showing nothing but the cysts I already knew I had on my left ovary.
  Neurologist I am highly impressed with. Very smart and seems up todate on MS and other mimics.  He scheduled my spinal MRI even before my insurance approved it so that I wouldn't have to wait. Love the fact that he is also willing to schedule appt on Monday without report in hand yet.  Gotta love his confidence.  He is also very confident (or maybe it's his youth as he seems to be in mid 30's) about treatments for MS should it turn it to be that.  I need someone who is confident and looking out for me cause Lord knows I am feeling pretty weak right now.  He is also trained at a fantastic hospital here in town.  Best there is probably in state.  That can't be bad.
  When I think about my life there have been a couple of occasions where medical science and the recent advancement of it has saved my life.  I gotta think I am still here for a reason.  My mind will surely be fully occupied until Monday morning and maybe a long time after.  I am just so grateful that I have done some research and found this web site so if it turns out to be MS I have a place where I can trust the information and the people.
  So many blessings in my life.  Such a full, rich wonderful life.  All I can hope is that it will continue to be that wonderful in the future.  

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