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A little IVF humor

Aug 19, 2010 - 1 comments

I sent Chris some pictures at work of Phin to brighten his day. One of the pictures showed all of Phin's curls, whisps, flyaways and general frizz that is his hair. Here is the email conversation that followed:

Chris - "He looks like a used Q-tip."
Me- "Nice thing to say about the fruit of your loins!"
Chris- "Well really it was a cup...he is my fruit cup!"

I promptly spat my drink all over the darn keyboard with that one. Poor kid is gonna hate being called fruit cup by his parents...don't you think?

Side note- Laptops and keyboards should have laugh guards to protect them when someone is drinking and reading...just a thought.

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by Juana824, Nov 10, 2010
Too cute! Much love to all of our "Fruit Cups"! HUGS!

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