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Aug 20, 2010 - 0 comments

Woke today with more numbness on left foot/shin area than yesterday but right leg less numb.  Hummmm. Went on LONG walk with husband and dogs.  It was a wonderful clear and somewhat cool morning. Nice stuff.  
The kids start school next week and with my dh traveling we discussed how the week was going to look.  Today we will have two nieces and a nephew staying with us while their parents are out of town.  Vball game tonight along with other obligations.  Currently have a house full of teenagers sleeping over.  Ah, life is good!  So many blessings abound in my life.
  Baked muffins for the teens and slipped into the pool for my morning swim.  It felt so good.  I gotta find a place to swim when the weather gets cold and the outdoor pool is no longer an option. The walk and the swim help with the numbness and stiffness so much there is no way I am going to change a thing just b/c it gets colder. Talked to dh about getting some exercise equipment and a cooler on rollers for the vball drinks I will be responsible for this season.   I want to be proactive and make sure things so smoothly.  Less stress is my new montra.
  Dh went for bike ride and it's about time for me to go pick up nephew/nieces.  Kids all up from their slumber. Muffins inhaled and big screen on.  
  I am always looking for ways to de-stress my life.  Found an XM channel on car radio that has old time tunes, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Ellie Fitgerald, etc.  Even though they were before my time, it brings me comfort and relaxation to listen to them. Don't know why but sometimes you just gotta go with it.
  Had a fantastic couple of hours with a dear friend last night at Starbucks.  Now I am long off of caffiene and she limits her intake so not sure at first it was the best place to meet but I ened up having a herbal hot tea called Calm.  Worked like a charm.  There was a bible study going on at the table right next to us.  As my friend and I talked about God's big hand, the people at the table next to us prayed.  It was exactly the right place for us.
  I had mentioned to her a rippling effect this will have in my life and others should it turn out that I have MS.  It will effect a lot of people and I want to make sure that the ripple is a positive one.  My friend said something along the lines of, "make the day to day ripple in your life reach up to His kindom in heaven".  Loved it.  Such a lofty goal though.  She is just a gift to me, truely one of God's own, His living presence in human form.  It was a wonderful evening of which I am still gleaming nuggets from.

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