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my never endin story..

Aug 22, 2010 - 0 comments

my journey started in feb 05, labour of my first.. from about 4months preggy i knew somethin wasnt right.. yet no one listened, why would they all this was new to me - yet i knew my own body - if you like i felt /knew somethin wasnt right! yet was jus left to get on with it. well in labour - 3cm dilated.. they told me to go home - which i did, came back late evenin as i jus couldnt handle the pain - even between my concrations i was in pain, within 10minutes of me tellin them i werent goin anywhere as i didnt 'feel right' i started to hav a very voilent seizure -  scared ******** i must add. it was odd though as one minute i was puffin away on the gas then nex i felt very hot like heaters had been placed all area my room - and then bosh i was gone, i came too only to see me twin sisters face tears rollin down to go back into another seizure.. they put it down to 'pre-clamspia' so rushed for c setion.. baby delivered - but no change in me.. apparently they neverly lost me twice and my baby once - thankfully though we were stable. yet the seizures continued.. the doc even said ''hmmm you are a puzzle'' i was booked in for all types of scans, yet they all said 'normal' i was in hospital for 2weeks and also had to hav my partner at the time (the kids dad) stay with me at the hospital on a camp bed 24/7 as i was havin too many seizures to be watched 24/7 by a nurse. after that i was discharged and basically left i had a few neuro appoints but he discharged me after those and said he couldnt see anythin wrong, maybe it was in my head.. they made me feel like i was mad.. they put it down to all kinds - depression, sleep deprived..
i had another daughter in aug 06 i elected to hav a c section - told them they werent takin that away from me and at least i can prepare meself.. i was also gettin steralised as well. only because both pregnancies were bad, i mean really bad - second one i was hospitalised twice cus me sickness was so bad i couldnt even keep water down and id lost soo much weight. so had to be put on drips. after havin my second - i was in hospital only 3days fri - mon and i self discharged as again they jus hooked me up to everythin with liitle or no answers..

my signs n symptons..
tinglin - starts in my bum n little finger
rollin eyes
semi conscious - if i have seizure
cant breath
foamin at the mouth
hot to cold
eye aches
neck aches
shootin pains - in chest n back  and in legs
cant walk (if i do i drag me feet/legs)
slurry words
back trouble
light headed
VERY senitive eyes (wear glasses now but dont do nout)
hair fallin out
achy joints - knees, wraist, ankles
swallon face normally right side.
drunken feelin
lost me voice (3times now)
balance affected
memory useless now
very forgetfull
no concerntrate
not hungry
dont sleep - lucky if i get 4hrs

theres probably more bbut jus cant think.

my mom suffers simular things apart from she dont hav seizures.. yet hers has only been the last couple of years. they put hers down to her stokes, then they said she has MS now they hav told her its not MS - she has depression!! so again fobbed off. jus weird how me mom suffers simular yet they havent given either any answers. i even printed information regardin MS and i marked all but 2 symptoms, i marked all the symptons for CM off. but no doc will listen.. god help my neurologist when i go.. i ent movin till he gives me some answers.. i sick of feelin like this.. ive found im feelin like this more n for longer.. before i could go 3months but then when i did it was a bad turn now there jus seems to be no break in between!

it really is a horrible feelin.. all i want is a doc to listen and take it all serious and to get the answers i deserve! ive never asked for anythin but this is one thing i do seek! question is will i get the answers before its too late..

anywayz theres jus a little of my story, my journey so far.

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