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The Rosary

Aug 22, 2010 - 0 comments

  I am not Catholic but my Nana was.  And she was a very good one.  I remember countless times riding in the back seat of her car while she sat in the passenger seat saying her rosary.  All those Hail Mary's!  It was a mystery to me then and remaind so until a few weeks ago.
  A Catholic friend of mine offered to teach me the rosary out of the blue one day.  It was as if she had read my mind.  She brought over several rosary's for me to try but I already had one, my Nana's.  Over the course of the last several weeks I have said the rosary almost every night before I go to bed.  Last night was the first time I managed to say it all the way through without falling asleep.  Yes, almost every night I have fallen asleep with that rosary in my hand!
  Saying the rosary is like meditating.  Focusing your mind on God, Jesus, Mary, the HS and the mysterys of faith.  Repetition of the prayers and the movement of your fingers over the beads is what keeps it all going until you are done.  This is another new habit from this medical adventure I intend on keeping.
  I had a restless night of sleep.  Just couldn't get in the zone but woke this morning feeling pretty good.  Numbness in feet was minimal and right leg felt really good. Right trunk was similar to yesterday but, hey, you can't have everything.  During my swim my left thigh felt like it had a charlie horse in it.  Not overly painful but enough to get my attention with attempts to reduce the pain with massage.  This was only minimally effective.
  Every now and again in the last two days I feel very slight, mild twitch in my right upper arm.  Very soft and very infrequent.  And, I think I also feel a vibration of some sort in the middle of my body.  Same intensity as my right arm twitch.  Almost not there but maybe.  It's really odd. But by the time I recognize that something odd is going on, it's gone.
  Preparing my questions and concerns to go over with the doctors tomorrow.  Don't want to get too far ahead of myself.  What if they say MS?  What if they say not MS but something else?  What is no dx at all?  Don't want to think about it.  Oh, I wish my dh were here in town to be with me.  A dear friend offered to take time off work to be there for support but I declined.  Don't know what I will hear and may need her in the future.
  I definately will be making a point of saying the rosary all the way through tonight.

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