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Believing is Doing ... I'm Siding my Garage!!!  

Aug 17, 2008 - 0 comments

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Do you have any idea how much you can accomplish when you BELIEVE???  A positive attitude and that unending belief not only allowed me to lose 146 pounds after 51 years of obesity, it is now driving me forward in a new project!

Thursday, I have been siding my garage!!!  My mom came over on Friday and helped hold the other end of the insulation sheets and a friend who had a stroke did his best to tell me what I needed to do.  He tries to explain but since his stroke has had difficulty saying what he means.  At times it's kind of like reading between the lines.  I guess what he is trying to tell me and then repeat it back to him.  He either agrees or disagrees.  If he disagrees, we try that process again until we get it right.  So .. I was the only one up and down the ladder, cutting insulation sheets, nailing and moving the ladder to and fro.  You should have seen it ... Mac and Meyer had nothing over on us!  

And, you want to talk exercise!!!  No lack of exercise.  Who needs a stair stepper when you have a ladder!!!  :]

Friday and Saturday were repeats of Thursday except for some reinforcements.  Richard asked his brother Butch to help on Friday and today Butch helped again.  Later this afternoon, their brother Jim showed up with his ex-wife and they helped finish the south side while I attempted to finish an article.  Two sides of the garage are now complete up to the point where the soffit has to be installed.  The back has insulation board throughout and the front has half the insulation board.  My legs feel like I ran a marathon!

Am happily exhausted!  I'm staying in pretty good spirits but need to find a real job soon!!!  Just can't keep up with my bills on unemployment.  Have been applying but there are so few jobs right now.

Yet another seroma has occurred this past week that burst through my suture line (they either absorb or exit through the weakest point .. i.e. suture line).  Dr has recommended additional surgery to free the adhesion that formed below the suture line.  Since I don't have any insurance now, am waiting to see if he is going to do it pro bono or whether I am to be left with the seroma pocket and the adhesion.  It has been enough time since the original surgery that it is no longer covered as part of the main procedure and is not his obligation to do so, either by insurance standards or by the list of possible complications and acknowledgements I signed prior to the first surgery.  It is not something anyone has done wrong, it is something that just happens from time to time.  

Another small opening occurred along the suture line last night about an inch from the first one.  I will be on the phone to the doctor on Monday.  I elect to view this as a way to broaden my experiences to hopefully help others in discussing the topic of panniculectomy in the future.

Am remarkably up, despite the additional complication, and continue to believe good things will happen.  It's just the best way to go through life.

Truly blessed with the friendships here.  It is just amazing to witness the positive energy, true caring and assistance and seeing members bravely reclaim their lives!!!  DREAM ON!!!!  It is your life!!!

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