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Former Terrorist, Now Christian,Teaches Muslim Belief/Koran

Aug 23, 2010 - 3 comments

There has been many sites put up regarding what the Muslim Religion is all about. I don't know if this has been posted before, but what this man has to say should be heard. He was a terrorist and now a Christian. He now teaches what we don't know about this religion. There are about 8 videos that covers the entire teaching, though the segments are short. It is entitled:

Prophecy 101: Islam and Satan

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by April2, Aug 23, 2010
Thanks, I'm going to copy this so I can watch it later. Thanks, RJ!

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by RJ233, Aug 24, 2010
I watched all of the videos last night and another that Walid Shoebat speaks on the Mark of the Beast. This man is well respected and was with another well respected teacher on prophecy, Perry Stone.

I learned a lot from those videos. The speaker, since he was a former Muslim/Terrorist, knows the Arabic Language. He talks about the Nations in the Bible that are involved. He knows which is what Nation and the Religion of that Nation. He teaches the beliefs of Muslim Faith, comparing who is declared good in that Religion, versus, the Christian Religion. He not only teaches the prophesy of what is happening right now, as we can plainly see, but the purpose of the Muslim Religion, and what it is all about. It is the best picture of what is happening that I have ever heard.

There are 10 videos, and then an additional one that Walid Shobat explains the Mark of the Beast.

This is a MUST SEE, for all of us that want to know what is happening, not only to our own Nation, but around the world, the New World Order, indoctrination in our schools, and the brainwashing.

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by margypops, Aug 24, 2010
Thank you RJ I will take a look this afternoon  its not just Islam , there are many similar beliefs and happenings .There is a TransNational agenda going on ...this isnt conspiracy its actually happening .Your last sentence is definatly whats happening, it is a new world order they are going for ,the United Nations is heavily involved..I think it will start big time soon with the willful destruction of Israel, the US will not go to help them , its not on OBama's agenda ..So whose side will we be on it will be IRAN...  

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