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Aug 25, 2010 - 2 comments

My IVF journey began with a lot of hope. I never would have dreamed it would end the way it did. I do know God is in control and he has a plan for my life. I know God has editing rights over my dreams and he will bring forth his blessings in his time. He opened so many doors so I could have this wonderful experience and I would not trade the excitement and joy I felt going through this process. It will take some time for me to heal and I decided to start this journal to help me deal with my grief. I have tried to block out what happen and keep moving as if it never occurred but I'm only hurting myself. I have decided to deal with my pain and hopefully along the way someone else will be encouraged.

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by Levi97, Aug 25, 2010
Sorry that the 1st IVF didnt work. This is my 1st cycle, and it is has been am emotional rollarcoaster. I Thank God for this process everyday, because my faith level has been pushed so far. When you said , God has opened so many doors for this to happen".  I defantly understand, because i researched and waited almost 4 years to find out our insurance now helps out with IVF, not just IUI's. When i found this out my husband was like lets do it the next opening. We had our ups and downs. Going through this process there is a need for lots of prayer, faith and meditation. Are you going to try again? Question: As far as, the beta testing was it neg the first test and they kept testing after that? Do you have any suggestions for me while i am in my 2ww? ------Levi--------XOXOXOXO

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by Princessdy08, Aug 25, 2010

Because I did my IVF out of town they wanted me to take two test and did not give me the results until they had both sets of test. I'm sure they knew it was negative after the first test but I think they wanted to double check. The only suggestions I have would be to stay positive and relax. Stress is unhealthy and God is in control. Just think about how happy you and your husband will be when you see that positive test. Good luck and God bless you!

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