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why are people comcerned over a nickname

Aug 25, 2010 - 1 comments


I posted a question about my child. And the answer I got in return said something such as this:
I am very put off by your name on here"
well hunny, maybe my name on here "winnermom" is because that is my familys name. our last name is winner. therefore, when i was thinking of a nickname, i wanted to involve my children in it. so i call my self winnermom. as i am the mom, of the winner(s)
other then that, i found it odd. ya know.
and then ppl want to wonder why i got carpet. I didnt want carpet info. I wanted health info. maybe sone one read my question wrong. there are 2 reasons i have carpet
1) we rent. it was here upon moving in.  I cant afford to replace it, and i cant just rip up my landlords carpet
2)we have a disabled todder whom dont walk. she has to crawl everywhere due to her cerebral palsy. so carpet is the best option for our home, as her knees are allready "hurt" from the hardwood floors just in our hall way.
just very irratatted that someone would be" put off " by my nickname on a medical website. uuuughhh....

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by RockRose, Aug 25, 2010
I'm responding to you here too,  because I think this is something you need to ponder.

When ALL anyone has to go by is your name that you pick to call yourself,  and what you say,  and your picture that you chose out of all your images to post,  you need to recognize the effect that has on other posters.

You're very young,  winnermom,  and I don't think you yet understand fully the impact of how you present yourself online.  

Maybe you do now,  though.  If I had a name like Winner,  I might call myself Mom of 3,  or something like that that people would understand and also I wouldn't say my son was bumped up a grade if it turns out he actually wasn't.  

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