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The heartbeat....

Aug 26, 2010 - 1 comments

Well, yesterday was such an intense day for me.  I was so worried about hearing the baby's heartbeat because I haven't had an ultrasound or an apt. in 6-7 weeks and the long wait has made me so nervous and unsure of this pregnancy.  I have been really sick but my symptoms aren't enough to make me feel positive or confident in this pregnancy because of my miscarriage in March.  I never thought I would be so worried about this baby. I knew it was going to be difficult but when I finally got to hear the heartbeat yesterday, I swear I heard my own heart skip a beat.  I felt so relieved, elated, excited and amazed.  I had tears in my eyes and I know that I won't ever forget that moment. How incredible.
My next apt is in 3 weeks and then I have my 20 week ultrasound on October 5th.  I am hoping and praying that this baby is healthy and normal in every possible way.

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by spiritwolf31, Aug 27, 2010
I know how you feel. I stressed and still stress about the long waits in between doc appointments. With my sons my OB had me in every 2wks to monitor and it was great cuz I never waited very long. This time I have a new OB (cuz my last one moved to Florida) and I have to wait 4wks between appointments. This one is scary cuz I have had spotting and I constantly worry. I did buy a home fetal doppler off Ebay to listen at home and while I can catch a HB here or there it is now a little hard cuz the lil bean moves all over and doesnt stay in one place
I wish I could tell you a way not to worry but there are no words that can help. I would suggest in investing in a home doppler and take it to your next doc appointment and have them show you how to find the baby's HB at home so you can check in on the lil bean in between the long waits!
Congratulations on hearing the HB and my thoughts are with ya!!

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