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This Is So Good ON A PERSON'S Feelings...

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Panic Disorder





Don’t Let Your Emotions Rule: Teaching Ourselves To Have Healthy Reactions
General, Healing, Health & Wellness | January 15th, 2009

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Of all the laws of Physics I learned way back in school, Newton’s third law remains etched in my memory. (All the others are too complicated!) However, its implications go out the window when it comes to the not so physical aspects of life, like emotions and feelings. We often take our actions very seriously. While it’s true that our actions determine how far we go, it is in fact our reactions that determine who we are.

And in life, one of the most difficult things to learn is to react to situations in a manner that contributes to our well-being and reflects who we are.
Understand, Then Choose Your Reactions

It’s impossible to prepare ourselves for every kind of situation. We understand ourselves better by observing how we, as well as others, react to certain situations. Anger, for example, is one of the most common unnecessary, even harmful, reactions. In most cases, losing our temper hurts our well-being and hinders our relationships. Remember – anger is never an action. It is a reaction. To something or someone.

Even if somebody’s action drives us crazy, we can still choose not to react with anger. To keep our temper in check, we have to start by understanding what makes us so mad and why. Is there some way we can try to be less angry about something? What kinds of situations raise our temper and how can we handle them better? Do we honk at a slow car? Get angry at kids for spilling stuff? Or at ourselves for making a stupid mistake? Making note of the situations that evoke a certain reaction in us and understanding whether they really warrant that reaction is the first step towards choosing our reactions.

Such a good Word for me if you look threw my Journals you will see what I have been looking for from what I post and what I have been threw.
Thanks Everyone Rhea xoxo

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