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March 12

Mar 12, 2017 - 0 comments

This morning, I was very anxious about my heart and pulse and blood pressure.  I kept monitoring it, every few minutes.  Convinced it was the end.  Finally I relaxed about that.  Then I was sitting here and smelled something... not sure.  Maybe heat from outside or something.  Not smoke.  But something.  So it set me off looking for anything burning.  I checked all the outlets and all of the appliances.  Nothing was amiss except that one of the outlets seemed maybe a bit warm.  Nothing to freak out over, I don't think, but it was enough to set me off again.  So now I'm sitting here trying to calm myself down, but I know I'm going to be checking it all ******* day and that I'm going to be anxious about leaving the apartment, and it's spiraling and all of my symptoms from this morning are coming back.  Like, I can feel my heart racing and my fingers getting a bit tingly and it's driving me ******* nuts.  I just want everything to be okay and alright and I want to know that things will be fine and secure when I leave my apartment.

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