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Becoming A Successful Single

Aug 27, 2010 - 0 comments

being single











You’re probably here because you’re single and feel like you have no place to turn.  There are a lot of people out there that are single and feel uneasy because of it.  This is something I’ve been working through for quite a while, and still continue to work through, and I want to help others that are in the same situation.  We have to understand that very often we will experience uncomfortable trials for the greater benefit of others.  I feel the reason that I’ve had to be single for almost all of my life was so I can learn lessons and gain experience and pass on the knowledge to others.

I would like to state that I am not “anti-relationship.” Becoming a successful single is about learning to be happy with yourself; it’s not about an outright rejection of couplehood.  Learning how to be a successful single will give you the right perspectives, put you in a better state of mind, give you more self-confidence, and reinforce a positive image of yourself.  The way you feel about yourself is apparent to others. Whether your goal is to eventually find a relationship, or if you just want to become more accepting of being single, this information should help you make your time as a single a positive experience.

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