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Live Pain-Free

Mar 13, 2017 - 9 comments

Debora Wayne

#1 Bestselling Author
Founder of The Pain Free Living Program™
Director - The Biofield Healing™ Institute

Live Pain-Free
Remove the Hidden Cause of Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, battles with Food, Weight, Addictions….and more!

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by Paxiled, Mar 14, 2017
Because as we all know, best-selling authors are the best people to learn from!  Yeah, right.  Maybe this one is different, who knows, but remember, all, you don't get to be a best-selling author by spending your time in the laboratory doing, you get there by making stuff up.

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by gymdandee, Mar 14, 2017
Pax, I'm passing on some information! I didn't say it will CURE OR WORK! You take it for what it's worth. Do you ever have anything positive to say?

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by Paxiled, Mar 15, 2017
Come on, Gym, I agree with you more often than not.  But I used to sell these books and met the authors, and while some were really genuine and good, most were just after the money.  Basically, when I see something like Pain Free Living Program, my cynicism antennae go up.  But you're right, you can learn something from everything, so maybe I am being too negative.

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by gymdandee, Mar 15, 2017
Pax. I will tell you the two books that I bought by Mitchell Yass has done wonders for my back! Not cured but 99% of the time I don't have any problem! When I do it's nothing like I used to have.

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by specialmom, Mar 15, 2017
Seriously, you two crack me up. You are like the odd couple.  LOL

Now, I will tell you this.  I like to feel 'in control' and one of the ways I feel in control is by learning all I can about something, understanding it and trying new things.

I love self help things because of this.  And when FREE is attached, this makes it even better  Most people, experts, who write books often have degrees and a wealth of experience to lead them to create something they give or sell to others to help.  

I've found things that really help me.  My son has a developmental delay.  There is a guru in the field that wrote a book that I implemented techniques of hers for my child . . .  great results.

My sons both suffer anxiety related to performance.  I've gotten materials to help with this for them. Great results.  

When you are in pain and need help, an expert in the field with a program to do that, who knows.

There are rip offs out there and we have to be savvy consumers. And there are certainly a saturation of self help things. We have to be savvy consumers.  But I realize that what does NOT work for me may work for someone else. And the opposite is often also true.  

Don't know if this is a bogus program or not but I'm not currently in pain and don't know much about what is out there.  I listened to a satellite radio program on the Doctors network---  there are breathing techniques, visualization, etc. that perhaps this is part of this program.  If it is not expensive and driven by a book, hey, maybe someone can benefit from it.  

I will also say that I do not condone taking advantage of a vulnerable population.  Those who are elderly (more than me) or have cancer, that type of thing. My mother in law sent a payment of $6,000 to a cure cancer program she was enticed by (after talking to the lady who ran it who sold it on her) two days before she died.  She was dying when she talked to them and they most likely knew it.  NO REFUNDS, dead or not, my father in law was told.  Now, THAT ticked me off.  

anyway, just my 2 or 20000 cents (as this was so long) on it.  

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by gymdandee, Mar 15, 2017
Hello mommy, I'm happy that you found some help for your son!! I have a BIG question for you!  Am I Oscar or Felix??

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by Dee1956, Mar 15, 2017
Special Mom, very funny! I appreciate Gym sharing information. I have been having a lot of pain and am reading anything I can find. I've recently begun stretching every day. The difference in how I feel is like night and day. I also recently found that many of us are deficient in Vitamin D, Magnesium, Omega 3's. Each thing I can read about is helpful. I can use what seems to help and leave what doesn't. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL I m shocked by the people who prey on others.
Thank you all.

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by Paxiled, Mar 16, 2017
Mommy, I think Gym and I are both Oscar -- but we are both odd!  I'm borrowing "mommy" from Gym, but I bet you'd prefer special.  But the reason I pose opposition views to Gym's posts so often isn't because I personally disagree with him, it's more just to let people know there are alternative views out there.  When someone posts on the internet citing sources, it sounds very authoritative, but often the studies cited or the references cited don't mean what they seem to mean -- they might be very preliminary or planted by people trying to make money or lies by manufacturers or middlemen or any number of things that means, don't necessarily go out there and do this stuff.  I just don't want anyone getting hurt who isn't sophisticated enough to be able to discern good info from bad or who hasn't watched this stuff for years as I have and seen how quickly the fads appear and how quickly they die when they prove to be bogus.  I'm all for people reading all they can and learning all they can and then making an educated choice, but it is important to read with a critical eye.  When it comes to health and medicine and exercise, there is a ton of information and almost no facts because of how complicated living organisms are.  We're right now more in the information collection phase than we are in the we know what we're doing phase.  But Gym is right, we do have to try something ultimately.  Peace, all.

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by Dee1956, Mar 17, 2017
I realize that my experience is just that, mine. So that would be considered anecdotal.
I appreciate what Gym shares, I recenlty purchased a foam roller and that is helping me quite a bit.
I also appreciate Paxil for helping out by giving another side/
I had lost hope in living in pain the rest of my life.
I now can see a future for me where last year I had none.
I appreciate everyone's point of view and I am glad we are allowed to give it.

There is another book by Peter Egoscue, a friend gave me. I think his book is called Living Pain Free.

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