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Collecting 2nd MRI head and neck results

Aug 27, 2010 - 2 comments

So 2 weeks after my second scan [ which should have been CINE but my dappy GP ordered a normal one grrr] I was expecting it to say excatley the same to be honest. here it goes

The cerebella tonsils are noted to extend low in the foramen magnum, there is no significant dilation of the ventricular system.

Cervical spine
At C3/4 there is a moderately large osteodiscal bulge posteriorly laterally on the left, It extends into contact with a slightly impinges on the left side of the spinal cord, at this level there is a pronounced narrowing of the left inter vertebral foramen and impingement on the associated nerve root. No significant disc prolapse or spinal stenosis is demonstrated on the remainder of the cervical spine


i have no idea what to make of this really, I specifically asked when i had my MRI that the size of the herniation is noted on my report for my records. and to me it looks like the cervical area is pretty messed up.

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999891 tn?1407279676
by rod44, Aug 29, 2010
Yes I think it is safe to say"the cervical area is pretty messed up". Any "impingement of your spinal cord is a cause for concern. Have the doctors indicated what they plan to do for you? Have you had thoracic/lumber scans (Disk degeneration is not always confined to one level) to check for DDD?


1375148 tn?1323170521
by taylapj, Aug 31, 2010
Hi rod thanks for the reply, I start physio on 9th September so guess we'll see then, I had a full MRI done in feb and nothing was mentioned about that, I have scoliosis too.  Have u has physio before!? I'm not really sure what to expect? And yes that's what I thought impingement isn't good and I'm worried that the longer it goes on the more risk of permanat damage.

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