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Quitting Committ Nicotine lozenges is hard

Aug 27, 2010 - 2 comments





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I guess if you're addicted to alcohol or heroin or something as serious as that, my petty little addiction to nicotine might seem laughable.  I started smoking when I was about 13.  That was some 40 years ago.  The last time I quit smoking was in 2003 after I fell off the wagon.  I started using Nicorette gum then later switched to lozenges.

When I went through the Berkeley heart program, I was assigned to a dietician who provided me with my very first nicotine lozenge.  I had been using the gum for year which was problematic for my teeth and though I was ambivalent about using lozenges at first, I soon adapted and liked them better than the gum.  They were cleaner.  No sticky gum stuck to something in my car on a hot summer day, etc.

I am still thinking about nicotine about every 4 minutes.  

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by debb33826, Dec 27, 2010
I reported my addiction to the lozenge to GlaxoSmithKline several times. Their only answer is: It's only supposed to be used for 12 weeks and to talk to my doctor about it. THAT'S ALL THEY SAID.  


FDA said that people who are addicted to it should report it to FDA (either the website or to call).

FDA said in the "small print" on the directions it say that it should be used under the supervision of a
doctor.  I said, "Why isn't that stated on the box"?

This is America.  Corporations can KILL us, but as long as they make money, they don't care and
FDA drags its heels before doing anything to protect us.  Shame on them.  It only adds to the health
care costs so insurance companies foot the bill. The blame game.

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by debb33826, Dec 27, 2010
One more thing:

THIS IS A MEDICATION and if it's supposed to be used under a doctor's care then why is
it an over the counter product.  IT SHOULD ONLY BE PRESCRIBED BY DOCTORS.

Shame on Glaxo. They put money in their pockets and people will die because they're
addicted. They have coupons and reward programs for people who buy it.  No conscience.

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