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My love story to my husband.

Aug 27, 2010 - 1 comments







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I have to say when I was a little girl I can remember being on my swing set and thinking of the man I would marry and what he would be like and what we would do and what I would look like when we got married and oh yes  and we had children and I was a great mom and wife and he was a great Husband. Oh the wedding was so pretty and I had this big White Wedding Dress, like a cup cake upside down. And my husband and I would l be very happy and grow old together.

Well that was the day  dream I had and I got a bit off track, You see I have 2 girls by a different Dad then my boys, but the boys dad adopted the girls from there biological farther and me and my x husband had 2 boys together plus the girls he adopted  so now I have 2 girls and 2 boys. I hope I said that write. But anyway him and I were almost married 10 years and together 11 years and we got divorced.  I won't go into that story because I"m sure we have all heard them.

So Now we are kind of back to the top of this story to me dreaming of my one day to be husband, You see I met this guy at the end of my 1st marriage and him and I were friends and he had one child a boy the same age as my son and you know when I stood next to this guy I had met in a class our 2 boys were taking together , well when I stood next to him, I could feel that this man would love me with all his heart for  all his life NO MATTER WHAT. I could feel,  feelings off him that I never have felt off another person in my life and I'm sure I never will feel these feelings again.
And as I stood next to this Man I knew I would be Happy,In Love, Over Joyed  I knew what he felt for me was different than anything anyone has felt before.
And yes as you guessed it when me and this guy finally touch each other the feelings that rush threw our bodies is unreal the feelings  like nothing I have ever felt before, I leave all my insecurities behind and I find myself touching him like I have never touched a man before.

Now I have to say not long after me and this guy got together I found myself thinking one day, Hey when I was a little little girl I would swing and think of the man I was going to Marry and how he felt about me and how I felt about him and how we loved each other and grew old together.
And I think to myself, I have him...I'm going to marry the man I saw, I mean no kidding I am marrying the man I saw..the man I dreamed about and the Man I saw in those dreams.
And I have to be honest he is the better half of me, he is the guy I dreamed of, I'm not kidding. I can kind of recall the list of so called things I wanted this future husband of mine would do, and my husband is so many of those things.

I'm so lucky to get a 2nd chance at love and to live the life that I got to see as a Young Child. Who knew that little 3 or 4 year old Little Girl would Know that as she played in the back yard on that small little farm, that her husband to be one day was 1 or 2 years old in Springfield, Oregon. That he would grow up to be the man that I saw in my dreams and I would grow up to be that girl in that dream also.

I am so thankful for my husband and our children and the life that my husband and I have together. I don't know how many people really get what they dreamed of, I don't know how many couple's match up so well, get along so well and call each other Best Friend and also Match up Sexual, Well Pretty darn good there... :)

OK that is my love story to my husband, I had allot of things happen as I wrote this and I proofed it so I hope I fixed everything. Thanks for Reading..
Hugs and Loves Rhea

And to be able to feel so much emotions  off of him when we stood next to each other,  I tell you it was so unreal and as we got to know each other sitting and talking across the room from each other...Him on the love seat and me on his Big Bean Bag Chair.
Talking like old lost friends and I can remember all of it and how I knew that he was the Man that I was meant to be with all this time.

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by lab_labra2, Aug 28, 2010
aw its good u hav all common love in all things

mines sucking ..we are totally opposite ..but still we carry out things we love us truely <3

hav a good life

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