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August 28 2010

Aug 28, 2010 - 0 comments







knee replacement



I was hoping to sleep in today but no such luck, was up at 6 AM.  My Sugar is high and I took my meds so hopefully they will go down befoe I hae to eat.  I was doing really well with the weight until about 3 months ago i swelled up really bad and they put me on water pills but I didn't lose any or very little weight that I gained.  It is a fight everyday and I know I eat right but the weight just will not come off.  I have a hard time excercising because of a total knee replacement that did not heal right and I have COPD which make it really hard to breath and I have degenerative disk disease so my back is out of whack.  I just want to give up but I have to much to live for.

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