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"8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take"

Aug 18, 2008 - 38 comments















Visine Original

I would like to share another interesting article with you that I just read. It's entitled, "8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take" and the weblink is here:

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393685 tn?1425816122
by stella5349, Aug 18, 2008
Thank you for that information

499534 tn?1328707778
by laura1967, Aug 18, 2008
Amazing huh stella? Must be they know and pay attention to the bad side effects and short and long term effects?!
These are all prescribed quite frequently too!

151668 tn?1239924705
by Hope2OneDay, Aug 18, 2008
I saw that a few days ago and posted it on a bulletin on MySpace for my friends to read. Hard to believe how these same dr's so willingly write Rx's for these drugs. And something so common as Prilosec, Visine and pseudoephedrine! Those were the three that shocked me the most!

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by Sammie4258, Aug 18, 2008
Yes, and when Nexium is used long term, carcinoma showed up in mice.  No body told me until I had been on it 8 years.  supposed to be short term as in 6 months.  The FDA has info on it.  don't believe me, call them or google it. I spoke with them personally on the phone.  I was so angry bcause I had just gone through chemo for breast cancer and the thought of stomach cancer just because no one told me. aparently the carcinoma's start appearing after 7 years of use and 14 years later it is full blown cancer.  Check it out...
A possible fix.  I have used it myself and it  works.  we have all heard this but ignore it.  

1 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar in an 8 oz. glass of water after each meal.  
I have a severly paralized stomach and horrible stomach acid..(Gastroparesis)
I no longer have problems and I don't have to take expensive meds anymore.
I am proof that it works. Checked it out with my Gastroenterologist and he said More power to me.  Go for it.  If it works why not.   Hes one of the best in the area. I trust him totally.  

The problem with pump inhibitors is that they kill off the good natural stomach acid that is used to digest food  and kill the other acid we get from food sitting in there  It (rotting food)is the biggest culprit and causes a bad acid of its own.  The apple cider vinegar and water helps digest the food and illiminate the bad acid the rotting food gives off thus you feel much  better.  

228686 tn?1211558307
by Savas, Aug 18, 2008
Heh heh...I'm seeing a growing trend among physicians who say "Don't take any med's! Do something natural instead!"

Watch out, or the maker's of these medications might get ornery and send their "special forces" squads in to quell the "doctor rabble from rioting". :)

The information is good, though. From what I've seen, 99% of the medications out there have listed side effects that are horrid enough to make an ol' agnostic like myself take up prayer.

thanks again.

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by olsho, Aug 18, 2008
OMG, I just saw this list and I am horrified. I am taking Prevacid on a daily basis for about 2 years now. Even though Prevacid is not listed, but Nexium is very similar ( if not exact). I wonder how it is possible for these drugs to cause such side effects and still be FDA approved? The funny thing is that my hubby works at a major pharmaceutical company and he is so against me taking not only Prevacid, but even plain Advil. He keeps telling me that there are a lot of side effects that companies are not telling us about.:-(

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by BTS1022, Aug 18, 2008
What I dont understand is how docs can ask us to go a more natural way, and stray away from medications, when they are still having samples and representitives(sp) come to their offices to give free handouts to the doctors. If you don't think WE should use it, why accept it?

279300 tn?1326750278
by 1234betterlife, Aug 19, 2008
a very interesting article. thank you.  as a home health nurse for the elderly,  i review medication profiles everyday in my job.  this may assist me in making informed decisions on medications and symptoms that present. polypharmacy in the elderly is an enormous problem and physicians are usually very receptive to suggestion in my area.

228686 tn?1211558307
by Savas, Aug 19, 2008
BTS1022, that's a complicated and simple answer at the same time... If you want to take it over to one of the forums (like the Asocial) we can bounce it around and see what comes up. ;)

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by JoyRenee, Aug 19, 2008
VISINE?! As in... for your contacts? Very helpful article. Thanks for posting!!!

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by markv, Aug 20, 2008
I just stopped taking Nexium because it caused severe depression and anxiety... What alternatives d oyou sugest for GERDS sufferers?

595417 tn?1222823046
by sidneythyroid, Aug 20, 2008
I am starting to think rather then have a health card since most doctors are turning away from them anyway just spend the money at a natural store instead.

264121 tn?1313033056
by alagirl, Aug 20, 2008
they certainly write prescriptions for nexium and prilosec out the ying yang...

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by lostandalone67, Aug 21, 2008
I am worried about the Advair 5 yr old takes this medication is the asthmatic medication????I would like to know what this doctor would suggest when my 5 yr old is blue from an asthmatic attack because the flovent, cominvent and singular combination dont work and taking him to emergency, where the wait time, even with a child with an asthmatic attack can be anywhere from 15 mins to 30 mins...which in his cause can be life threatening and then to come and find out that one of the main components of the mask that is used is ADVAIR. Not sure if this doctor resides in the states where the medical services seem to be a lot more available or in Canada where we are praying for more young adults to become those doctors that save our childrens lives.

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by PlateletGal, Aug 21, 2008

8 drugs doctors would never take... but they would prescribe to their patients ?? Yikes !

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by Kelly_Fitz, Aug 22, 2008
Well, Dr. Tanase, what am I supposed to do? It seems that every doctor I go to prescribes freakin advair for me and it's the only thing that helps my asthma. What about symbicort? Is it any different?

AND advair gives me really bad side effects, but I feel like my doctors just dismiss that when I try and explain it.

Would you mind telling me what your reasoning is behind not wanting to take Advair? I'm having a struggle with all of this right now--I have horrible asthma, but I am incredibly sensitive to medications. What am I supposed to do?

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by verna2, Aug 22, 2008
I checked this and couldn't get into, Verna2

555706 tn?1216699852
by paladin2, Aug 23, 2008
As an unfortunate that needs to take all kinds of medications that, if you read all about them in the PDR will scare any sane person.  My family doctor, who I trust implicitly simply said that he has to weigh the benefits against the negatives and that no drug in existance is without side effects, some usually serious. Asprin can kill some people, and take Tylenol and get drunk you might destroy your liver in a day.  There's no free ride when you take chemicals to control physical or mental problems. It's tough sledding with pharmacuticals and you should always try to take as little as possible but as much as necessary.  It's a no win situation,  and not easy to live with. Best of luck, cause you always need some of that, even with the 'miracles' of modern medicine.

591808 tn?1218931854
by michelvis, Aug 23, 2008
I was put on celebrex (several times, my insurance wouldn't cover it, my Dr. felt that it was important and gave me 3months worth of samples) I took the first dose about 45 min away from my home. I still have no recollection of ever arriving there. It took my family a few days to figure out what was going on, basically the Celebrex caused me to have HORRIBLE HALLUCINATIONS that varied from people breaking into my home and tying me up with licorice I could see and feel but not taste, to conversations with Steven Segal and other celebrities that I though had commissioned me to sew them clothing (I can't sew and I don't like Styeven Segal) I would have points of lucidity that would allow my husband to believe I was somewhat okay and most of these struggles were internal, meaning I really thought they were happening so much so that until I believed we had been broken into I was convinced that nothing was abnormal so I didn't tell anybody about a lot of it.
The big problem was that during a couple points of lucidity I was alone and pretty aware that I was losing my mind and I came really close to suicide, I just wasn't sure I was ever going to recover, or if it was even something I could recover from. I eventually lost ALL my equilibrium, causing me to smash my head into a wall just trying to walk and breaking my nose and getting two black eyes, I was completely gone and I guess I told my husband that I was going to shoot myself (history of suicide in my family so he took it really seriously)  and he and my teenage daughter sat down and tried to figure out what was different in my diet/meds. It took about 3-4 days off the celebrex to end the hallucinations and more than a month before I could walk read or write again. I sometimes feel like there was maybe even some permanent damage, and I have started having seizures since,
TRhe scariest thing is that if my husband would have taken me to the hospital I may have been locked up and kept on the medication. That happened to a close friend of mine on ativan, he was stuck in a mental hospital for 6 months and they kept giving him the drugs.

My story may be atypical but I have to say that ANYTHING that can cause something like that is scary. I am on a long list of different NSAIDs and my Dr.'s have told me that Celebrex is really wierd and works was differently than the others which have NOT given me any hallucinations (Thank GOD)

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by CDHARMON, Aug 23, 2008

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by PlateletGal, Aug 23, 2008
"Would you mind telling me what your reasoning is behind not wanting to take Advair?"


Dr. Tanase just posted a link to an article. I haven't seen him take any position on the content of the article. I'm sure he just posted it so that people here will be able to read it and make informed decisions about their health.

You might want to consider printing the article and discussing your concerns with your physician.



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by Sunes, Aug 23, 2008
Celebrex, advair, prilosec, nexium, pseudoephedrine, Ketek, Avandia, Visine Original

So, WHY do they prescribe them to people???!!! for profit??? I Suppose that is  the answer. SHAME.

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by verna2, Aug 24, 2008
To DR Tamasee,
I couldn't get into the page you marked http......
Could you please adress it again or send it to my e-mail: ender

400885 tn?1297702518
by kelliestarr, Aug 24, 2008
Wow that was interesting.

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by sweetie_27, Aug 24, 2008
I also have heart burn and indigestion quite often and I started eating things with less sugar and no caffeine and I feel alot better and trying not to eat late at night ; )

125112 tn?1217277462
by borninquisitive, Aug 25, 2008
This doesn't suprise me at all. I just wish (though) that in stating, "So we asked them, "Which medications would you skip?"
I always wish they would mention (at least as a footnote) how many doctors were asked, their medical background (Internist, Gastro etc.) and if the doctors asked, came from many different areas (from the U.S. and other countries).

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by showty1, Aug 26, 2008
I am 37 yrs old.  I have terrible pain in my chest, pressure like, feels like food is stuck in my chest and wont go down.  I have a hiatal hernia.  I also have gall stones(2).  Had many heart test ran and I'm fine there.  Had a scope done and there was a little irratation.
The doctor wants me to take Nexium and then we will go from there.  
I was talkin to a lady who suffers like I do.  She says she no longer suffers cause she drinks aloe.  She told me to put some in a cup of water and drink it.  I think thats what I'm gonna resort to now that I have read this..
Thanks for the info.  God Bless!!

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by showty1, Aug 26, 2008
One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post.  I was on Prilosec and had to be taken off because it was causing heart palpatations.  So, my new doctor wants me to try Nexium, he said it is different, but from what I'm reading it is not.

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by Monkey1mill, Aug 26, 2008
Used to have acid reflux  often.  I take axid for several years. No acid reflux or heartburn.  Axid reduces build up of stomach acid. I have had no side effects from it.

601266 tn?1225396435
by katwithanie, Aug 26, 2008
WOW this **** is screwed up...Gotta friggin love ur docs huh?.......I am a hypocondriact (spelling)..ive been on prevacid on and off for 11 yrs now....yeah like im not scared to death gonna try the aloe and the apple cider vinegar see which one works best for me............and heart palps yeah ive started having them again recently didnt even see the link with the damn prevacid...thanks showty 1.........

601870 tn?1224045661
by LD52, Aug 26, 2008
Advair is a long acting beta agonist (Serevent and fluticasone, a steroid)  Advair is not to be taken as a resque for the Asthma attack.
the short acting meds (fast acting inhalers, Albuterol,and so on. ask our Doctor about the new meds Performist   or Brovana
if you have side effects please let your md know. i hope this was ok to post, i'm just an OLD Respiratory Therapist that happend to have 2 Brain Tumors in the last 2 years, giving up something that i worked hard for and love i can't do any longer, was the hardest thing even more than surgery and Radiosurgery for 11 weeks everyday.

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by PlateletGal, Aug 27, 2008

I thought I would mention this here. I did post this warning in the fibro / CFS board (I'm a co-CL there). This is just too important not to share with people, especially knowing that many fibro patients are in pain, don't have a good support system and are often accused of faking their illness.

Fibromyalgia Treatments' Label May Not Carry FDA's Highest Warning of Suicide Risk

After reporting a few months ago that it may force makers of 11 anti-seizure drugs, including the fibromyalgia treatments Lyrica (pregabalin) and Neurontin (gabapentin), to carry a prominent suicide-risk label, an FDA panel now says the risk doesn't appear great enough for that type of labeling. The Wall Street Journal reports that decision could be an $8-billion boon to the companies that make those medications.


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by Hopelessly_frustrated, Aug 28, 2008
Wow!  However, I'm not surprised.  I have been taking nexium off and on for a couple of years now and I have to say that the only logical solution would be to lose weight.  After losing approximately 10lbs (well almost :) ) I have noticed a decrease in my GERD.  Also, I'm going to start with the vinegar and hopefully that will work as well.  I know not everyone is overweight that has GERD but I think now would be the time to research other alternatives.  Thank you for sharing the information.  You just might have saved someone from the side effects of these drugs.  

601870 tn?1224045661
by LD52, Aug 28, 2008
I have seizures from the 2 Brain tumors,the surgerys, and Radiosurgery.  i have Fibromyalgia also. one of my many MD's ordered Lyrica knowing i was taking Kappra for the seizures. I had to be carried out of work and my 70 yr old mother had to pick me up.  my sister and daughter being a Ph tx they knew what was going on
i am a Respiratoy Therapist and have been for over 25yr. knowing what all goes on in the medical field and Ph field
it would  scared. you silly

603646 tn?1336221491
by Ebola100, Aug 28, 2008
This article is useful but way overstated. There are plenty of doctors taking some of these meds and prescribing them to appropriate patients. There is no med without side effects. Fortunately most doctors know about these adverse effects and take them into consideration when prescribing meds. With the concern for expensive medications the recommendation for a $15 saline nasal flush with a link to the manufacturer is curious. Perhaps they sponsored this article? To say that the PDR contains "every iota" of information on a medicine is ludicrous. Doctors are continually getting education on newly recognised adverse effects and new indications for a medication many of which are not mentioned in the PDR.

601423 tn?1260477400
by M215, Aug 29, 2008

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by bayougator, Sep 03, 2008
Is there an appropriate way of getting off of Prilosec? I have been taking it for almost two months and starting to think that all the symptoms I am experiencing are from the Prilosec. After all GI test have come back normal and all the test from my regular physician have come back normal, I want to quit Prilosec. The first month I was taking one 20mg pill in the morning and one 20mg at night. Now I am only taking one 20mg pill a day. Do I quit cold turkey?

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by fannyjjj, Dec 10, 2008
I had a near death asthma attack that landed me at the University of Michigan hospital on a machine called ECMO (extra corperal membrane oxygenation. I was sent home with lots of meds, had 22 med bags hanging on the IV pole at any given time.I know that my life will probaly be shortened because all of the meds. I also know that without it I would not have lived to raise my children. I now take no meds and hope that will benefit me. Unfortunatley there are times when we have to do what we don't want to do and hope for the best. In my case everything happened so fast there was no time to think about the nastyside effects. I think I felt worse from all the meds than the actual asthma attack. I am very grateful that evetything worked out better than the drs. anticipated. I think that meds used for the right reason and used properly can benefit. But I also think the drs. really can't tell us all the side effects because they haven't taken them themselves. I had the drs. tell me I can't be having a certain side effect from a certain med.Everyone reacts differently I think more consideration needs to be taken when prescribing meds. This is the first time I've commented about this so freely. The good and the bad of meds really need to be known. I am just grateful to the University of Michigan for their great care.

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