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the humanity of the therapist...damn

Aug 29, 2010 - 0 comments




So got THE email back from my therapist (R) - it felt like a slap on the hand, like a "calm down you insane, overwrought, over-dramatic female". Which is not entirely fair if he IS saying that as he caused this problem, he created it. Or maybe that's not what he said and I'm feeling over sensitive. I'm finding it hard to imagine that I would keep seeing him anymore, it all feels kind of messy, and I just feel, well, like I'm not sure if I trust him anymore. What he said in the email is VERY different to what he said over the phone - I mean the phone call is why i panicked I just thought - my god what is he asking me to do!! aaah. never mind - child #2 asking for attention/drink, feeling a bit down and sad, and I've got a bad headache. funny that, not.

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