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About my surgery

Aug 29, 2010 - 1 comments












The beginning of 2010 I had a cervical fusion at the C4/5 and 5/6 after suffering from neck and arm/hand pain for years. I also have DDD and spinal stenosis. After my surgery I had significant relief from the nerve pain I had in my left arm and hand pre-surgery. The only problem is a few months later I started having the pain again and this time I had horrible shoulder blade pain mixed in. Complained to my surgeon about the pain but all he tells me is that the X-rays are looking good :( Well, I don't feel so good. I really had no choice but to have the surgery as I had been told by 3 different orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons that if I did not have the surgery ASAP, the slightest slip or accident could paralyze me for life. I am glad I had the surgery because of that one reason. Also, the arm pain is less than before the surgery. But as I said, I am still having a lot of pain since the surgery. More later

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by SpineGirl44, Nov 07, 2010
I have had almost the identical situation. In October 2010 I had the "emergency" to avoid paralysis surgery at C6/7 with fusion. I thought this was a complete diskectomy but later found out it was only partial. They inserted a metal plate and something "plastic" instead of a bone graft. I have terrible nerve pain across my back and chest and down my left arm to numb fingers. I had none of this prior to surgery. A post-surgery mri shows EITHER a new herniation at the exact same spot or a hematoma. Either way the doctor says I need immediate surgery to "fix it". I cannot handle a second surgery right after the first one. I still have not regained my voice and have difficulty swallowing (from the anesthesia?)

So, Lindsaylinn, we seem to have similar problems. What are we going to do? I cannot face another surgery. I wonder if my hematoma will resolve or re-absorb? Anyone out there have some information? Thanks

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