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Abusing the forum

Aug 30, 2010 - 2 comments

We all are volunteers here on the forums. We don't get paid to do what we do.  I know for myself I pay for all my CME on herpes out of my own pocket and have to use my vacation time from work to attend std conferences.  I do this because I enjoy doing it and want folks to have a safe place to ask questions and get accurate information minus the gloom and doom of some forums.   I am very educated on herpes and std's and come here to volunteer because not a one of you has ever complained that I am wearing pj's or have bedhead :)  Beats scheduling time to volunteer in between  my work schedule and family in my community  anytime.   I take volunteering seriously and like to give back when I can and encourage everyone reading this to make the effort to do the same!  

If you have been diagnosed as having herpes, I will answer as many questions as you have within reason. If you get to the point where you are overly obsessive and nothing I could provide you with education wise is going to help, then it's time to go elsewhere for face to face help.  It's not as much about asking X number of questions, it's about when it gets to the point where the questions are repetitive and your anxiety is overwhelming and too much for an online forum like this to handle.  Very few of our posters with herpes get to this point I assure you.

The majority of the posters on the herpes forum do not end up having herpes ( and this is a good thing! ).   We will still take quite a bit of time to help you and please let it be known that it takes a lot to get me to ask the medhelp moderators to discipline a poster.  I am a pretty patient person in general.   When you've been asked to not post for a week or are banned from posting on medhelp in general, please do not abuse us by coming back under a different name to keep asking about your situation.  It's taking advantage of all of us when you do that.  It is incredibly frustrating to me to spend time answering posts and then find out a few days later it was actually a poster from before who was banned who came back under a new name. It's really not fair to take up everyone's time when more than enough time was spent with you before you were disciplined.  I come here as a professional to volunteer my time - please don't take advantage.   It's hard enough to avoid burn out on these forums without having people adding to it needlessly.    You also make too much work for the medhelp moderators to keep banning you which takes up their time on this free to post forum.

Remember - not everything is herpes :)

Thank you for listening - I know the folks who read this aren't likely to be the folks abusing the forums.


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by gracefromHHP, Jan 20, 2011
reposting as a reminder :)

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by gracefromHHP, Mar 26, 2011
bumping back up as a reminder.

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