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Subchorionic Hemorrhage

Aug 30, 2010 - 0 comments

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and started to bleed on Friday night waking up thinking I had peed the bed.  I was so scared and we rushed to ER where they found a heartbeat and my cervix was closed.  I had more gushes of blood on Sunday and again, the baby was monitored and all was ok.  I had a U/S today and the cause of the blood is from a subchorionic hemorrhage and they said sometimes they resolve on their own and other time they don't.  This is so scary.  I had a miscarriage in March and i have been really worried about this pregnancy but last Wednesday I finally got to hear the heartbeat and I was so relieved and elated.  Now, I am once again stressed to the max and I can't feel confident in my body or my ability to carry a baby to term but I know I can because I have to healthy sons.  I just want everything to be ok.  I'm so worried. I'm hoping and praying that this baby is going to make it.  It is strong, I am strong and I just have to believe in the positive outcome. I want this baby. I love it so much already.

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