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Red painful lump developed overnight on breast

Aug 31, 2010 - 1 comments

I have a painful throbbing red lump the size of a nickel under my right breast. I'm 42. This developed at end of my cycle but is staying the same. I've had it fir 6 days. It aches if pressed or bumped. I can squeeze my fingers around it but it is attached under the skin. Help.

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by bayboo, Aug 31, 2010
Have you had a mammogram.  My doctor found a lump that I noticed but let it go.  When he found it, I had a mammogram and it was breast cancer.  If I had not waited I may have had less invasive type cancer.  I had to have a mastectomy and wanted to do reconstruction at the same time.  I would check it out with a GYN as soon as possible.

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