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Okay I am starting a journal

Sep 01, 2010 - 5 comments

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't find anything to do so I read some members journals .I know I have no life .Well , it inspired me to write one .I hope to fill it with love and a lot of laughs .Here is my problem .Since I have been down in my back I have really let things go around the house .I have been putting my blinders on and ignoring all the filth so to speak .Well , I have felt pretty good this week so I have been trying to tackle some of this stuff .Mind you I do not live alone Mr melissaky and son melissaky live here as well .I was talking to Mr Melissaky last night and telling him we need to do some upkeep and maintanence on our home .I mean we aren't getting any younger and I don't want the roof to fall in on us in 10 yrs or so .Mr Melissaky looks at me with a blank look in his eyes and says oh we will do it all next spring I promise .Oh if I had a nickel for every time I heard that .I get so darn frustrated with these guys .I am telling you I am the minority here .Even my dogs are boys so I am screwed .Why can't I get them to do anything around here ? My son acts like he lives at a hotel .He works and thinks that is enough .I can't get this child to lift the seat up when he tinkles .Oh there is nothing better than sitting in cold urine at 3 am .It drives me insane .I potty trained this man  what's up with this ? Mr MKY is not much better .He doesn't have a clue really .He can't pick up his dirty underwear just leaves it wherever he takes them off .He built a man cave last year .He calls it a shop I call it a man cave .Never let your men build one of these .I was always worried about another woman coming between us I never imagined a building would come between us .I am ready to move Mr Melissaky and son Melissaky into it .Ever since he built this marriage buster I can forget him doing anything on the house .I have been wanting to paint actually did my kitchen all by myself but I am always getting put off .Later he says .I do everything here .I swear I could be on my deathbed and they would want to know when is supper .Am I wrong to feel this way ? C'mon ladies ya gotta know where I am coming from . Well enough ranting for today .I have lots more so stay tuned .To be continued

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by namnam46, Sep 01, 2010
Hi Melissa,

Welcome to the World of a Man!!  Most men seem to have this same mindset!!  Especially after they have settled QUITE happily and SECURE in their Marriages!!  

You're correct - the Man Cave may VERY well be your downfall as far as the repairs around the house go.  You MIGHT try HIDING the KEYS (IF there are any) to the Man Cave and tell him he can have them AFTER he has completed whichever chore, YOU choose, for him to do that week!!  Can't PROMISE you that it will work BUT who knows?  You MIGHT find the answer for YOU.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!  :)      Love you......Mama Sherry

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by namnam46, Sep 01, 2010
Meant to tell you I LOVE your Journal!!!!!  :)  I DID get a GOOD laugh out of it!  Thank you so much, Melissa!!!  

As far as your son is concerned - Have you TRIED GLUING the Toilet Seat down????  On second thought -  that MIGHT not be such a GREAT idea!!  BOY WHAT A MESS THAT WOULD CAUSE!!!!

You COULD always give him a urinal to use INSTEAD of the Toilet.  It MIGHT help to get the message across.  BUT who knows - the kids these days kind of live in La-La Land UNTIL all of a sudden SOMETHING in their Brain SUDDENLY awakens from this FOG that they have been living in and they SUDDENLY grow up!!!.......Mama Sherry

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by JadedSweetheart, Sep 01, 2010
I love your journal, too, Melissa!  I have to say I did laugh a little about the "Man Cave", but I do understand that as funny it is, it is also frustrating!  My husband doesn't have a Man Cave and every now and then he laments that.  Thank you for the warning!  I DO love Mama Sherry's idea about hiding the keys to the cave.  I also like the idea of giving him one chore/project a week!
I have to say I am particularly blessed that my husband will just get up the gumption and do a lot around the house.  Although everyone still looks to me for dinner.  No matter how many times I tell my husband "It's hard for me to stand in the kitchen and chop things, stir things, etc.  He still says "All you have to do is tell me you can't do it."  I say "I'm telling you I can't do it".  And we have that conversation over and over again. lol.  However, I take what I can get.  He recently did about 20 loads of laundry over the weekend that I just couldn't get a handle on, so I am very thankful for him.
I'm going to consider Mama Sherry's chore-a-week thing!
Now as for the son.  I'm not sure how old yours is.  Mine is 13 and I just have to tell him "Nick, I need you to unload and load the dishwasher." or "Bring me all your dirty clothes and straighten up your room".  He has standing chores such as walking the dog and taking out the trash but we have to remind him of those sometimes.  Other times, like last night, he just did them both without me saying a word.  Those are beautiful moments, lol.  
I hope you can whip the Mr. Mkys into shape, Melissa.  Maybe you should go lounge in the Man Cave and set up a very comfy relaxation/spa center and start infiltrating their Cave.  I wonder what they would do?  LOL
Hang in there!  You're such a sweet lady.  Can't wait to see your next journal entry!

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by melissaky, Sep 01, 2010
Mama Sherry I tried the list thing with Mr Mky once and it freaked him out .And he was the one who told me to write it. I had it hanging on the fridge .It stayed there for a long time .Mr Mky was tormented by this list and after a few months of it taunting him he had a fit of rage and shredded it to pieces .I am going to have to be very inventive and slick to get Mr MKY to do some work here .On the key Mr MKY keeps that key on him at all times .Heck I can't even get in there to get a screwdriver unless he is here .No Mr MKY is a wily ol' fox . Now when it comes to son mky I have found a solution .I will get one of those automatic toilet seats .What is it with guys and the bathroom ? Guys are just gross I think .Bree I tried to infiltrate the man cave .The air was so thick with testoerone  and cigarette smoke I couldn't breathe .I learned quickly that I was not welcome .I have to laugh about this stuff or I would go nuts .I am running an insane  asylum here .Now my son Mky is 22 yeah 22 .He is not a child anymore .But when I talk to him I can visually see my words go in one ear  and come right out the other .I have a new problem with son MKY .I think he is dating a girl but he is like the CIA to try and get any info out of him .He is so secretive it is making me crazy .I am mom and I want to know what's going on .He got his heart broken by his first love and has been gun shy ever since .But why so secretive ? Is he embarrassed by Mr MKY and Mama MKY ? I admit since MR MKY built the man cave he is acting a little weird .Now me I am a nice and friendly person .I mean I wouldn't pick my nose or pull a wedgie out in front of his girlfriend .I will save all that for when she gets to know us better .I have even thought of cruising our local Kroger market that he works at (I think he works with the young lady ) You know I  would hang out in the fruit section . wear a disguise and spy .Am I bad ? I just can't take all this secrecy ..I hope to find out who son mky is dating soon .. Well tune in tomorrow for another episode of As the stomach turns .

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by namnam46, Sep 03, 2010
Yes - I expected as much. Men DO seem to FREAK QUITE easily!!!  They NEVER expect you to do what they suggest and it REALLY SCARES them when it happens.   You see they THINK that we will be TOO busy to be able to follow through on ALL of the different things that they suggest.  GOOD for you  - YOU managed to SHOCK him!!  LOL

As far as the Key is concerned - can you SNEAK it OFF of him while he is sleeping?? Does he EVER DRINK??  Could you manage to get it then IF he does??  THEN take it and get a COPY made of it.  :)


How is the SLEUTHING coming along?  ANY new evidence come to light as to the IDENTITY of the "Girlfriend"??  I KNOW that you can pull this off.  I just KNOW that you can, Melissa!!!  I HAVE FAITH IN YOU!!  I'm so sorry that he had his Heart Broken.  That will DEFINITELY make them retreat and TRY to hide the identity UNTIL they are SURE that it's for REAL this next time.  It makes it MUCH more difficult BUT not impossible. :)

I'm going to go and check ou the NEXT EPISODE of this CLIFF HANGER!!!  :)  

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