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My JOURNEY ttc #3!

Sep 01, 2010 - 1 comments

After trying for 4 months September-December 2006 found out we were pregnant in January 2007. A healthy baby boy was born on September 13th 2007 used the Nuvaring then birth control pills after his birth. Stopped taking the pills first week of February 2008 found out on March 13th 2008 pregnant again, another healthy baby boy born November 11th 2008

January 8th 2009- Mirena IUD inserted
November 25th 2009- Mirena IUD removed

Monthly menstruation following Mirena removal

Spotting on November 29th and December 1st (2009)

YEAR 2010
January 11th-13th
February 10th-16th
March 23rd-28th
April 27th-May 1st
May 15th-19th
June 22nd-25th
July 13th-16th
September 15th-19th
November 14th-18th
(note I did not have menstration in August, October, nor December of 2010)

YEAR 2011
January 29th-February 3rd
March 23rd-27th
April 24th-28th
May 29th-June 2nd
June 24th-27th
July 28th-Aug 1st
Aug 26th-30th
Sept 24th-28th
Oct 26th-30th
Nov forgot the dates...
Dec 23rd-28th

YEAR 2012
Feb 26th-29th- very light!!
March NO AF
April 3rd IM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!

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971074 tn?1362759766
by Spiket77, Sep 01, 2010
Hey! I thought I might recommend Vitex and maybe acupuncture for you. The Vitex help me start getting stronger ovulation symptoms and the acupuncture, in my opinion, made the stars line up and bring me a BFP. I understand your frustration. I know a lot of folks will offer you ideas and tricks on TTC. My cycles were in the high 40s too I can relate.
Best of luck!

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