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a little closer

Aug 18, 2008 - 4 comments

well if i remember correctly i left off with my wife being pregnant. I was happy and excited about our two new additions to the family(identical twin girls) Around Thanksgiving my wife complained about feeling sick and something wasn't right(6 mons pregers) so we went to the hospital and got an ultrasound. then we found out the cold hard truth, they were dead, we then talked to the doctor about getting them out of her. That was as equal as loosing my brother probably worse. How do you exactly cope w/ something you can't do one thing about, especially this! We set a date for her to give still births. When that day came(shortly after we found out) i was so nervous, there was absolutly nothing i could say to console my wife, i can't even begin to understand what my wife was going through! So were @ the hospital and there trying to induce the labor, she was in so much pain mentally and phisically. I remember that day down to the mins, i'll never forget what happened those 2 or 3 days, and every time i go to the hospital i'm reminded by the atmosphere that it did indeed happen, i can't block it for some reason? even all dosed up on clonazepam it still hurts and still dose. After dealing w/ that for awhile i began to abuse my benzo's , trying to forget. Shortly after that i lost my job(probably do to the benzo abuse) i maneged to survive and support ourselfs untill i found a permenant job. About 3 months later we found out she was pregnant again(i know i can't keep nothing in my pants) lol .  To our suprise it was one and it was a boy.(just what i wanted, no offence girls) , i'll continue tomorrow thanks for reading

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by doe444, Aug 19, 2008
Wat was the coz behind the intra uterine death, just becoz they r twins ? or there is anything wrong
wat about the cervix, dose she have cervical weakness? just be sure the coz of IUD is not recurrent
congratualtion 4 her pregnancy & enjoy being a father...

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by scaredmom330, Aug 19, 2008
you know the same thing happened to my niece, it is a very hard thing to live with...losing a child/children. I know when we lost my grandson,  I was not only grieving myself but scared, worried, every feeling you could think of because I couldn't take away my daughters pain or fix this for her... I would and still do get mad when people say it's best this way... how do they know?  sorry will get off my soapbox, and tell your wife not to take everything in front of her  so serious... lol that is what I was told each time I got pregnant...

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by burningup, Aug 20, 2008
i 'm preety sure it was called an abdominal wall defect it wasn't either of our faults(@least thats what the doctor said) but that dosn't make me feel any better, thanks for reading!

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by Mandapanda17, Aug 20, 2008
I'm so sorry that happened to you. but obviously it happened for a reason (I know I a hate it when people say that, lol) and now you have your little boy :) And now I'm sure you're EVEN happier now that you're clean .we can make this happen! I'm at 5 days and doing better than expected. thanks for sharing your story, I hadn't gotten a chance to read it yet. stay well and ttys!! :)

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