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Month 1 on clomid

Sep 02, 2010 - 1 comments





month 1





Sept 2, 2010
I am 27 and this is my first month on clomid.  My doc put me on it for my husband and myself would like to have children now! :)  I came off of bc in March in hopes to regulate my cycle and get everything out of our system so we could start trying in May.  It is a littlee hard to concieve when i have only had three periods 6 months.  After meeting with him, he started me on a 10 day course of progesterone.  I was expecting to get my period 48 hours after stopping the last pill, but i started spotting on the night of the 9th pill.  I called and asked if i take my last pill since i was already bleeding, but they said to take my 10th pill.  I then started clomid on day 3 of my cycle.  Believe it or not, my cycle was EXTREMELY LIGHT!  It is not normally heavy, but i spotted for 1 day and only really blead for 1, and then really light spotting for 2 more days.  Today is day 7 of my cycle and i just finished my last clomid pill.  I am going to be following my ovulation very closely.  My doc said i can ovulate as early as 3 days after my last pill.  I started with opk strips today, and it came back negative, as i assumed it would.  The fun starts tonight, and i will keep updating!  keep your fingers crossed!  
Sept 3, 2010
cycle day 8
OPK test strip negative
Sept 4, 2010
Cycle day 9
OPK test strip Negative
Sept 5, 2010
Cycle day 10
I have not tested yet this morning, but according to my doctor i can ovulate as early as three days after taking my last clomid pill.... so today could be the lucky day!
Still negative
Sept 6, 2010
cycle day 11
negative OPK
Sept 7, 2010
cycle day 12
negative OPK
Sept 8, 2010
cycle day 13
negative OPK
Sept 9, 2010
cycle day 14
negative OPK
Sept 10, 2010
cycle day 15
could be positive????
Sept 11, 2010
cycle day 16
Sept 12, 2010
cycle day 17
negative again

now i have to wait and see if we made a baby!

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by shaznjay2010, Oct 09, 2010
hiya could i be your buddy please i finished my last tablet 50mg of clomid yeaterday and this is my first time was it positive? thanks

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