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Help I think I might have herpes

Sep 02, 2010 - 5 comments









red dots

I'm a 13 YO boy, I have these red dots on my penis that occurs every so often usauly 3-5 months apart they show up but they only last about a day or two. They look like possibly just red blood cells but resently I got these dots again this time they were bigger not much but bigger. I've never had entercouse with a person yet but I'm very sexaully acive in a forplay kind of way can my bumps be herpes? Can I get herpes with out sexaull contact like huging or holding hands. Also just to a possibilty these dots only usaully so up after I masterbate and usaully and it burns irratates my penis while masturbation . I'm very concerned what these red dots are. And would like to know if it's possible herpes.
   And one more thing I've had some bumps as well on the side of my penis near the tip the bumps are very small and look like the bumps on your skin when you pull your hair. But these bumps have never spread out more on my penis and I've had them for as long as I can remeber. Is there possible A form of herpes that stay in one place cause your mabye immune or a carrier again these bumps have been on my pnis since forever and never have spread. And these bumps and dots are to differnt things just to be clear  

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by sanora, Oct 05, 2010
Get it checked out. Spots and any burning sensation is not normal unless you are overdoing it. The oher bumps I wouldn't worry about.  

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by munti, Feb 16, 2011
i think i have seem a point like you?what is the answer?

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by Fund60, Feb 27, 2011
Have you touched anyone with herpes even if they had it on the mouth?

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by sani2525, Mar 30, 2012
i have d something my look like burning fire and sore on my penis and always scracth me. pls freinds do help us

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by 123guy, Oct 22, 2012
i have the same thing right now there is a red spot on the forskin and it burns

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