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As the stomach turns

Sep 03, 2010 - 4 comments

Well, here it is another journal entry . Life here at Melissaky ville has been fairly mellow for a change .I do have some news to report about my son mky .In my last post I spoke about his secretiveness about this young lady he is dating .I am still thinking about lurking in disguise at Krogers to try and see who he is dating .He did finally admit that he is seeing someone which is a wonder in itself being as he has been as tight lipped as the CIA about it .I haven't a clue why he isn't telling us but I guess he will spill the beans in good time .I have a new problem I have been dealing with lately .I have a little chihuahua named Jackson who is a darlin little companion but he hates Mr Melissaky .He is crazy jealous .Anytime Mr Melissaky is around me he turns into psycho chihuahua .He growls ,snarls  and goes generally crazy .If Mr M shows me any attention Jackson will pee or poop on Mr M's boots .This gets Mr M's bvd's in a huge knot .I have told Mr M to put his boots up somewhere so that Jackson can't get to them but, this advice is not met with any kind of gratitude .I don't know why : ) .It is becoming a hate -hate relationship .I have to admit I find it highly amusing . As you know if you read my previous journal entry Mr M has built a man cave that has caused dissension in the Melissaky household .I will say it again DO NOT LET YOUR MEN BUILD THESE . They are marriage busters .I only see Mr M when he is hungry and ready to go to bed .We have spent maybe an hour or two together all week .So ,when Jackson pees or poops on Mr M's boots I get a feeling of divine retribution from it .Am I bad ?  I have had thoughts more like fantasies of doing an Angela Bassett move and burn that man cave down but you know I never would .He would only build it back anyway .You know that saying build it and they will come ? Well Mr M's man cave has turned into Grand Central ..There is always a motley crew of assorted hanger on's .I have yet to see that they are doing anything constructive out there .Mr M acts like they are solving the world's problems but so far all I have seen is them going through enormous amounts of beer .Nothing is getting done around here : ( . What's a girl to do ? I guess after 25 yrs you don't expect to spend every moment together but dang it I would like to have more than a couple hours a week .I have to say though Mr M has redeemed himself this morning .He bought tickets to an outdoor concert for tomorrow night and surprised me with them before he left for work this morning .It's for a local band here that I love and Kevin Skinner the winner of America's Got Talent .So ,I am looking forward to that .We have an ampitheatre here that is fabulous .The acoustics are fantastic and it's a lovely park like setting .I also have a new outfit to wear so I am always happy to have an occasion to wear something nice .I usually bum around here in leisure wear (pajamas ) so I don't get to dress up often .Maybe that's why Mr M spends so much time in the man cave ? Something to ponder .... Stay tuned til the next episode of As the stomach turns

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by peekawho, Sep 03, 2010
If Mr. Peek had a Man Cave here, I would be the happiest woman in the world.  At present, his Man Cave is 3000 miles away on the east coast in our other house.  He's there right now, doing Man stuff and I couldn't be happier.  In fact, I'm humming right now with happiness.

I think the peeing and pooping on the boots is just fine.  How much can a chi excrete, anyway?  Our Jaxon weighs about 100 pounds and when he pees, its gallons.  Don't even try to visualize his poop.  Anyway, tell Mr. Melissaky that urination and defecation on the boots of one's significant other is a sign of affection in many cultures.  In fact, the next time he does something that you are not happy with, just grab his boots and go to town with them.  

Its nice you'll get to go to a concert.  Have fun!

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by AnnieBrooke, Sep 03, 2010
I used to use a spray bottle to keep the growing-up kittens from jumping onto the kitchen counter.  My husband got the point when I explained it, somewhat surprisingly because he never paid any attention to coordinated or specific efforts at cat training.  The next time our young male, Louie, jumped up, Mr. AnnieBrooke knew just what to do.  He yelled and chased Louie down, spraying and spraying at him.  Of course, Louie ran off, and my husband proudly said "I showed *him*!"  But I got a feeling, so went to see what the kitten was doing, which was, peeing in my husband's briefcase.  My husband still talks about that little lesson whenever he has to discipline a cat.

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by melissaky, Sep 03, 2010
Thanks for responding ! Peek you are the one who inspired me to write a journal .I will have to tell Mr Melissaky about the pee and poop being a sign of affection .LOL~!!     Annie I have tried several methods but I think Jackson just isn't going to give it up unless Mr M puts his boots up .That is so funny about your cat peeing in hubby's briefcase .Our animals have a way of making their point don't they ?

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by namnam46, Sep 03, 2010
AHA!! There's the answer - get the wives and INVADE the Man Cave while the men are in there!!!  Have the girls keep them occupied while YOU swipe the key and get that copy made.  Then while he's at work you can enter and SNOOP at your leisure. :)  THEN  after you have snooped you can have the locks CHANGED and offer him the NEW keys AFTER the chores AND the duties that YOU want done are finished!!

I LOVE the Doggie story.  You ALSO might offer to TRAIN him IF he does weekly chores.  He MIGHT consider that JUST so that he could have POOP-LESS Boots!!!

I must AGREE - Mr. "M"  DEFINITELY did redeem himself with the great ticket Surprise!!  You get an evening out AND get to wear the "NEW" outfit.

NOW as for the PJ's.  Try  SLIGHTLY more provocative ones and SHOCK him.  He JUST migth forget about that "Man Cave" JUST once and that alone would be worth it!!!  :)

Anxious to hear what happens next!!

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