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Sep 03, 2010 - 5 comments

09/2/10 8am: I went to take my blood test. The nurse told me the turn around will be 24hrs or after 5pm. All Day I was nervous and anxious. After 6pm rolled around i felt something was wrong and decided no matter what I will be happy. I stayed at work until 7:45pm and when I was leaving the Phone rings. The Nurses says, " Sorry for calling so late the test results just came back. Unfortunately, The test came back Negative, stop taking all meds and call us on your first day of a period.".....I was like "HUM, Really, WOW,"...."Ok, I will call and Thank you"....So I was bummed and not happy. When I told DH, he was like WOW, are you playing & are you Serious, Dang it....So he was bummed also..But I still Thank God for this process, because I am going to school for Counseling and I know there are some things I have to experience in order for me to help some one else out. I am embracing this new process and continue to be positive....The only way we was able to do this process was, because of insurance, and save up money for the rest. Now, I am going back to searching for money and funding to help with another IVF. I am praying for everyone in this journey to become mothers either for the first or second time…Love you all….

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961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Sep 03, 2010
Sorry to hear about your negative test.  I know how it can take the wind out of your sails... It sounds like you have such a positive outlook on things, and I am sure that will help you overcome your news.  We are all here for you, and pray that the next round will bring the BFP you are looking for.


1340676 tn?1309281062
by Levi97, Sep 03, 2010
Thanks Melissa, for the Support....I am a Happy & Positive person, so being down too long isnt me...I am praying for your journey as well. Now, i know the feeling of A BFN is and TTC.....Thanks again for everything...

1433443 tn?1305120686
by sp_excited, Sep 03, 2010
I can understand exactly how you feel....I also had three failed IUIs...Am in the tww phase of my first IVF cycle now...Wish you all the best for your next IVF cycle...I hope everything goes perfectly fine next time.

574521 tn?1313495146
by GUESITO, Sep 03, 2010
Been there done that... I didnt give either and thank god im pregnant and I know you will be too. Don't give up and pursue that dream. It will hapen (((((((((hugs))))))))

1340676 tn?1309281062
by Levi97, Sep 05, 2010
Thanks you SP_excited and Guesito for the positive words of encouragement. This was my First IVF and learned alot from it. Keep me in your prayes as i continue to Pray for you.....LEVI

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